Trend to Try | 3 Ways You Can Wear a YSL Betty Bag

Who hasn’t heard of those gorgeous YSL Betty bags, which are the talk of the town these days? Well, almost every chic woman might be aware of this striking fashion house, which was founded back in 1961.

And, today Saint Laurent Paris has become one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. They deal in some of the most iconic range of women’s and men’s ready-to-wear products including shoes, jewelry, leather goods and even some captivating bags.

But, as these bags are luxurious, you can’t just wear this miraculous thing with anything! Yes, they can look even more dazzling, if you style it properly. For tips you can do your research online on blogs like Chloetrends where you not only get the much needed fashion tips but also some valuable advice on how to tell if your bags is real or a knockoff.

So, how have you planned to style this arresting bag with your outfits this season?
Don’t have any idea? Well, worry not, if you do not know how you are going to style it up, as we are revealing top three ways that can make your outfits and YSL Betty Bag look stunning, without any effort.

Let’s take a look!
1. Pink YSL Betty Bag
If you own this girly pink YSL Betty Bag, you must know how you are going to style it perfectly.

“The Cool Casual Look”
If you are looking forward to getting that casual look for a lovely day out, you will need to club a pair of jeans, striped t-shirts, and a blazer.

Don’t forget to get that stylish look with a pair of pointed stilettos in your favorite color.

“The Perfect Party Look”
Who doesn’t want to look stunning at parties? And, when you have a pink YSL Betty Bag, you can simply pair it with a pair of black dress and black statement heels.

This look is simply perfect for those parties, which are going to make you a style queen, leaving them stunned and sizzling.

2. Beige YSL Betty Bag
The beige YSL bag looks awesome when paired with any outfit, but with black it looks superb.

“The Funky Formal Look”
When you want to look formal while carrying your beige YSL Betty bag, just go for a formal blazer and pair it with a dark colored skirt. Wear a crisp white shirt and make sure your bellies match the color of your bag to club everything well.

“The Elegant Evening Party Look”
Take a blue shirt and pair it with a shimmery black tight fitted skirt. Now, wear pointed sleek stilettos and let your YSL bag do the wonders to your look.

3. Finally, the Blue YSL Betty Bag
Now, we bring that soothing blue color that is superb for any season, especially summers. And, here is how you rock this color with those lovely outfit of yours!

“The Dynamic Dayout Look”
How about that cool summery look that is not just comfortable but cool as well. Just wear your white pair of pants and combine it with something white and dark blue on the top.

Now, wear your black boots and carry your cross-body blue YSL betty bag for completing this chic look. “The Sexy Street Look”

There are some times when you want to look comfortable yet cool to roam around with your pals, it is the perfect look for such days. Get an altered pair of jeans and pair it with a black loose top, half tucked in half flowing out to create that sexy street look.

Wear your statement heels having a combination of white, black, gold, or any other color that goes well with the outfit for completing the look. Oh yes, do not forget to carry your blue YSL Betty bag for looking perfect. Try these looks and make sure you grab their eyes, wherever you go!
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