Be The Niche with The New Android Homme Runyon Runner’s

Be The Niche with The New Android Homme Runyon Runner’s Trainer fashion is now at an all time high. People are fighting for their individuality, seeking new unique designs that make them stand out from the crowd. Over the past year we have been inundated with Adidas Classics and Nike Hurrache’s. Whilst they are popular for a reason, as so many people own them its hard to separate yourself from the masses. With this in mind, you might be at that point where you’re looking a little further a field to quench your thirst for footwear fashion. Well here is your answer…
A leader in bespoke urban footwear luxury, Android Homme produce one of a kind shoe ranges for the modern man. Their latest release, the Runyon Runner 116 Trainers are catching the eye this season.

An avant-garde design, the Runyon runner silhouette is completely without any precedent. Predicted to be a ‘must have’ this spring, the Runyon’s come with multi-material, super-lightweight and creative coloured styles that provide an unparalleled uniqueness that will allow you escape the mainstream options. Great in quality and great in style, Android Homme is a high-end brand that steers clear of high-street fashion.

2016 is all about being your own man so don’t conform to societies trend confinements and make your own statement this spring.
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