Uses of a Tote Bag plus Everything You Need To Know About These Bags

Handbags – after diamonds and shoes, they are a girl’s best friend! The ideal bag needs to be stylish, fashionable, trendy, beautiful, practical and ultra modern. If you think some of these features overlap or are basically the same, it’s because you’re not a girl! Each new season comes with new styles and new bags to look forward, yet style and comfort remain two of the most important features of a bag. However, there are items which never die in the world of fashion and one of them is the tote bag, which comes in any style, texture, pattern and color. A tote bag is a must-have for storing all the cool promo items you can receive from your favorite cosmetic shop or walking around a pack of newly-born ShiTzu puppies.
Carry, carry, and carry
Tote means “to carry” and this is exactly what a tote bag does, but it also comes with a great excuse to renew your wardrobe and enhance your outfit. With a large handle and various shapes, not to mention generous size, tote bags are found in every material you can possibly imagine. You can find the old tote your grandmother used to carry the vegetables from the market, as well as the latest tote bag with a famous design. Pretty much a sort of haute couture tote bag!
With so much versatility, a tote bag can have a wide array of utilities, some practical, such as holding cool promo items, others less practical, but let’s discover 20+ uses for a tote bag right now!
Uses for a tote bag
Work handbag – The most common use of a tote bag has to be the use as a work bag. That bag you stuff with your entire everyday essential and take it with you at the office. Your faithful companion will keep your hopes, wishes and agenda close by, so you can function all day long.
Laptop bag – A tote bag can hold the most useful device you can have, after the Smartphone and tablet, your laptop. Having a tote bag as a purse for your laptop will make it easier for you to carry around the device and look stylish at the same time.
Overnight bag – Why make the “walk of shame” back home when you can get a tote bag with you. Neatly stuff it with your next day’s outfit and enjoy your night out – all night out!
Diaper bag – After a night out, or several, you might change the use of the tote bag. Into a diaper bag! Yes, this simple bag can hold the diapers and make you look a fashionable yummy mummy who can keep everything under control, no matter how hard it is to juggle with a career and motherhood.
Vanity bag – When you are in need of a bag for storing all the cool promo items you have from online shops, the best option is a tote bag. You can hang it in your bathroom, bedroom or pick it up and carry it with you for a holiday.
Coupon bag – Couponing helps you save a lot, but it also asks for lots of space to store those coupons. Your tote bag comes in handy once again, as you can toss all the coupons in it and keep them safe until your next shopping party.
Shopping bag – Speaking of shopping, a tote bag is the best way to carry your next healthy meal back home from the market. In fact, you can have multiple tote bags for each type of grocery: one for veggies, one for fruits and one for random items.
School bag – School is different these days and it usually asks for fashionable items. Your girl needs to have a reliable bag to keep the books and carry them to school. In fact, a tote bag is the perfect accessory to carry your books – use it when you go to the reading club.
Beach bag – A tote bag is just what you need to carry the towel and the sunscreen lotion to the beach. You can also transform your tote bag into a full kit, packed with cool promo items, for a trip to the beach, the park or any other lovely place where you need to carry more than your usual everyday essentials. While you are at it, you can also prepare your tote for a weekend-long trip or another short-time escape for which you only need a couple of spare outfits.
Gym bag – When you head out to the gym your faithful tote is accompanying you, because it’s best to hold your equipment. Shoes, shirts, towel, a healthy snack and a pair of sunglasses fit in your tote bag to perfection.
Crafts bag – After you relax knitting, gardening, doing any other art and crafts activity, you can toss it all into your tote until the next time when you will work your magic on these tools.
You can never have too many bags and you can never have only one tote bag! This versatile bag with dozens of uses has enough room for everything and can be taken everywhere. These bags can fit into any style and can never go out of fashion. Another great benefit of them is they can be personalized to your own taste or someone else taste and give it as a funny present.
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