New Bar Wants You To Use Your Mobile Phone

With so many different bars competing for custom, there is a need for something different to shake things up a little. While a bar shouldn’t look to be too gimmicky with how they market themselves, there is definitely a need to give a little bit of fun to their clients and encourage people to come back on a regular basis. There is a lot to be said for introducing a loyalty element and many bars and clubs are waking up to the fact that smartphones can provide a platform for bars to please their customers in a real and genuine manner.
A new bar in Milton Keynes has managed to find a number of great ways to use iPhones and Androids while in the bar. The Be At One cocktail bar, which is located in The Hub at Milton Keynes and which boasts of offering 178 different drinks has a number of ways in which people can be really ‘appy when it comes to using the bar..
The bar is a big believer in happy hours and every day they are open, they provide a happy hour promotion until 7pm. The bar also has one day of the week where they provide their happy hour promotion that will last all day long. On the days where happy hour is only on until 8pm, people with the app will be able to gain access to one more hours’ worth of cheaper booze. This is definitely going to be a promotion that is attractive to many people and you can bet that there will be plenty of people downloading the app to give themselves an added chance of enjoying affordable drinks on an evening out. Given that the bar is a cocktail bar, and cocktails are not that affordable, there is a lot to be said for being able to find ways to enjoy drinks at a more affordable price.


Shake your phone and try something new

Another promotion that the bar is offering to punters that use a mobile phone is the “Be Apprentorous” promotion. This is where the user shakes their phone and they will find that the app recommends a drink for them at random. This will provide users with the opportunity to try the drink for a discounted price of a fiver. This indicates the high price of the cocktails but it does give drinkers the chance to enjoy a more affordable drink. It also provides another excellent opportunity for people to enjoy themselves and feel the benefit of using a mobile phone when they are enjoying an evening out.
The fact that the bar is embracing smartphones in such a strong manner is something that could be a huge smash. There is no doubt that plenty of other bars will be looking at the app and whether it is a success or not. The company will no doubt take the opportunity to promote their bar and special offers through the app but they are giving drinkers plenty of incentives to download the app. This is very important because when a bar promotes itself, there is a need to give something to users. Firms that solely promote themselves without engaging will find that they struggle to create awareness and generate a positive image and identity.


Your phone is a big part of the night out

The fact that a night out in a bar is synonymous with mobile phones and smartphones means that this sort of promotion is perfect. You will always see plenty of people using their phones, taking pictures and tweeting their activities throughout their time in a bar so anything which taps into the use of mobile phones in a bar has to be seen as a positive thing.
Of course, given that drinkers will have their phone on display for most of the evening, there is an argument to be made for giving your phone a personal touch. There is a lot to be said for using personalised phone covers if you want to create a buzz about yourself. With the chance to get cheaper drinks and a personalised phone cover, you may well consider your phone to be your best accessory for a night out. Whether you are looking to enjoy a great drinking session or you are looking to make connections with other revellers, there is no doubt that your smartphone can be your best friend.
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