Fashion tips for women with curves

Even though all the women strutting on the fashion runways are matchstick thin, we all know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. A lot of women with curves just give up on fashion and consider it is something far from them. The most common trick used by plus size women is trying to mask their body with loose fitting clothes. They think that it is a simple and practical trick but they cannot be more wrong. Actually wearing baggy clothes will look a large woman even larger.

Here are a few tips that can help the plus size women to look their best.

Boot cut pants are slimming

Wear pants that are just the right length of your legs and avoid pants with a shorter leg length. It will make your legs look longer and visually make you look slimmer. Do not wear too baggy or too tight pants. If pants are too baggy you will look even bigger and tighter pants will give unnecessary attention to your curves. Go for pants that are boot cut , wider legged or flared. Remember to stay away from tight, tapered pant legs.

Keep the skirts short

Wearing a skirt with a length running up to your mid calf area will make your legs look shorter and give more attention to the widest part of your lower legs. If you have a thick waist, choose the skirts that fit below the waistline.

Go for vertical stripe patterns

Whenever possible choose clothes with vertical stripe patterns. Those stripe patterns will provide the illusion of a longer body making you look slimmer. This visual illusion will be even more effective if you choose thin vertical stripes. If you like to try prints, only go for small prints and stay away from large patterns. And definitely stay away from horizontal stripes.

Dark colours are slimming

Being fully dressed from head to toe in one colour also considered to be slimming. Dark colours such as Black, Navy are very slimming and considered to be a must in the closet of every woman. This trick can be extended by matching pantyhose to the colour of the shoes and skirts. Use lighter colours for the areas you want to stand out and darker colours for the areas you want to distract.

Choose the correct fit, Choose the right size for your body without going to either of the extremes. Tight clothes will accentuate your curves and loose clothes will make you even bigger than you really are. Plus size women had been overlooked in the past but since recently there are many clothing options for women with curves.

Next time when you go shopping stick to these simple tips and you definitely will feel the difference. It can be frustrating that sometimes you have to stick to certain limitations when you buy clothes. But if you have body image issues this will help you to look slim which inadvertently boost your confidence. It will definitely will change the way you interact with others.

About the Author: Jessy Taylor is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. At the moment she is more concerned about fashion for women and Italian shirt.

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