Most stunning Islands to visit in South America for vacation

The vibrant cities, diverse landscapes, sightseeing and adventure options in South America’s mainland have been attracting large numbers of tourists for the past several decades now. Have you ever explored the beautiful islands in the continent? If not, then take a break from the mainland and seek an exotic escape to some of the best islands in South America. They are simply irresistible. Take cheap flights to South America now to satiate your wanderlust and get ready to be transported to the natural wonders and white sand beaches whenever visiting one of these islands. Here is a lowdown on the top islands waiting to be discovered in South America.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands comprises 19 islands and smaller islets. It is situated 620 miles away from mainland Ecuador in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The Galapagos Islands is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, both on the sea and land, and continues to be one of the world’s bucket-list destinations for all tourists visiting Ecuador. It was here that Charles Darwin got inspiration for his Theory of Evolution. Each island is distinct, boasting its own diverse wildlife and spectacular landscape. The Galapagos Islands is one of the world’s few places with negligible human presence and influences, as well as the absence of natural predators. You will get the opportunity to see giant sea tortoises and baby sea lions closely. Exploring each of the islands here on catamarans and yachts adds to the charm of a great island escape.


Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha is a small and heavenly archipelago situated 217 miles away from mainland Brazil’s northeast coast. With its splendid tropical landscapes, crystal clear water and diverse marine life, the archipelago boasts of one of the most remarkable, spectacular collections of islands in South America. This eco-tourism hotspot owes its existence to partial formation by the tip of an extinct, submerged volcano. With fewer visitors, limited to only 420 at a time, you will be enjoying the serenity and beauty of this amazing island. The caves with gorgeous white sand beaches, jagged cliffs, natural swimming pools, rushing waterfalls and majestic rock sculptures are to be admired when you visit Brazil’s first national marine park whose 70% of the land and all of its water is protected.

Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island, also called ‘Rapa Nui’ by the locals, is in fact a mystical volcanic rock situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This world’s most remote inhabited island derives its name after being discovered by Dutch explorers on Easter Sunday in 1722. The island can be reached in about 5 hours after taking flights from the Chilean mainland. Spread in an area of 16 miles, this intriguing island destination in South America has been attracting tourists for centuries with its hundreds of ‘moai’ stone-faced statues, which can be seen scattered throughout the island. Look forward to relaxing on its white sandy beach or go hiking on one of the three volcanoes. This Polynesian island is surely going to mesmerize you with its magnificence, culture and history.

San Andres, Columbia

San Andres is a charming island, situated 470 miles north of Columbia’s mainland. The extensive coral reefs surrounding the island make it an absolutely perfect place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Moreover, the crystal clear waters here make it easy for awesome views of the diverse marine life. Get an exhilarating experience by exploring Old Point Regional Mangrove Park through a canoe. This is also a great place to savor fresh seafood and other culinary delights along the beachfront. Explore the island on a golf cart at your own leisurely pace for a truly unique experience.

La Blanquilla, Venezuela

The desolate fan-shaped La Blanquilla island built of sand and limestone is situated 186 miles west of Venezuela. The reefs surrounding the island are remarkable and hugely popular for their outstandingly awesome rare black corals. Get on board a chartered cruise to see different varieties of fish, including porcupine fish, French angelfish, blueheads, and the occasional flying fish. However, you will enjoy seeing parrots and wild donkeys on the land. La Blanquilla is also a favorite destination for the rich and famous who can be seen coming here more often to party hard. If you are looking for solitude in the wilderness then this is surely your dream destination. Plan an exotic getaway to Venezuela right away.

The islands in South America are truly a paradise for adventure seekers offering a wonderful tropical experience needed for an exhilarating getaway. It’s no wonder that you will keep coming here more often attracted to the unparalleled scenery, diverse wildlife and laidback island lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Book flights with cheap flights finder for your fun-filled and adventurous South America holidays right away!

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