Best ways to unlock great deals and bag Spirit Airlines Cheap Flights

Spirit Airlines is best known for being an ultra low-cost carrier offering super cheap no-frills fare. It is currently offering flights to 77 destinations throughout the USA, South America, Central America and the Caribbean from its several hubs, including Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale, Detroit, Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare and Atlantic City. If you are a budget savvy traveler then Spirit Airlines Book a Flight option is specifically meant for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways on how to unlock even greater deals than before whenever flying with the Florida-based carrier Spirit Airlines.

Book in Advance: The general trend in the commercial aviation industry is to book flights in advance to make the travel cheaper. This also stands true when purchasing Spirit Airline tickets in advance. Frequent fliers strongly recommend that booking at least two (2) weeks in advance will get you cheap airfare. If you are going to buy airline tickets with Spirit too close to the departure date then it is highly likely that your travel is going to become way too expensive.

Book ONLY Online: The next time you plan to fly with Spirit Airlines do always remember that booking online ONLY at Spirit Airlines’ official website or through the website of a reputed online travel agent (OTA) will make your flights quite cheaper. Travel experts strictly advise not to book Spirit Airlines tickets ever on the phone. The simple reason being that when you navigate away from the airline or OTA’s websites you will typically see extra fees.


Apply a Coupon: Your Spirit Airlines flight will become cheap if you try to apply a coupon to your purchase. At times it may indeed become difficult to use the coupon due to restrictions, but if you do possess a coupon then there’s absolutely no harm in giving it a try. After all, if luck favors then you are destined to fly cheap with Spirit. If you have registered for the newsletter with Spirit Airlines or an OTA then you will be receiving coupons and special offers through email whenever they are announced.

Use $9 Fare Club Membership: Do you know that Spirit Airlines has its own frequent flyer program by way of “$9 Fare Club”? This is the airline’s discount club open for its members only. You can also become a member of $9 Fare Club after paying an annual membership fee. It is beneficial and brings along with it several privileges. You may save on Spirit Airlines flight tickets by making use of your membership. You also have the option to cancel your $9 Fare Club membership if it is of no use or aren’t able to save more.

Complete long-haul one-way journey with 2 Spirit Airlines tickets: Here’s a trick for you on how to complete a one-way journey the cheapest way with Spirit Airlines even though super-long layovers of 12+ hours in Fort Lauderdale aren’t allowed on itineraries sold by the airline. The best way therefore is to purchase two (2) Spirit Airlines tickets at the same time for completing a one-way journey. For example, if you want to fly to Managua, Nicaragua from Minneapolis and such a trip isn’t even possible with Spirit Airlines, but when searching for flights from Minneapolis to Managua via Fort Lauderdale then the trip is entirely possible. So, in that case your journey to Managua will be cheaper when purchasing a flight from MSP to FLL and then another flight from FLL to MGA. The layover in Fort Lauderdale will be about 18 hours, thus providing you enough time to explore the city of Fort Lauderdale, if you are interested.

Save some cash by connecting to FLL through other carriers: Spirit Airlines maintains a hub at Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and has now become the largest airline to operate out of FLL to Latin America and the Caribbean. With nonstop flights to 28 destinations from FLL, Spirit Airlines has surpassed JetBlue Airways in terms of available seats to the region. Even if Spirit Airlines doesn’t fly from your destination then it’s recommended that you first of all connect to Fort Lauderdale through other airlines and then fly to your destination from FLL by Spirit Airlines. You are sure to get contemptible tickets to South America and Central America when flying with Spirit.

Pack and Travel light: As you know that Spirit Airlines is a no-frills airline offering basic fares and charges for almost everything. Do remember to pack light and travel with only a few pieces of luggage. If you don’t do so then Spirit baggage fees may add up fast thus making your cheap flight rather an expensive journey. If carrying more baggage is a must for you then it’s highly recommended that you should purchase extra baggage before check-in, and by doing so you will be saving on your Spirit Airlines flights.

Now you know that flying with Spirit Airlines is super cheap if you take these important recommendations into consideration. Flying with Spirit Airlines will indeed be easy on your pockets and a highly affordable journey.

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