What Else Do I Need With My Wedding Marquee Hire?

Hiring a marquee for a wedding is a very popular choice these days and with new heating and lighting technology it is easy to create an absolutely magical atmosphere. James Dabbs Marquee Hire can give advice of what size marquee you will need depending on the number of guests and the size of the site, but after that there are any number of additional items you can hire which will make the day one to remember.

Seating and furniture
Having enough chairs is essential, especially if the day is going to be spreading on into the evening. You can hire basic chairs, but why would you? Having decided on a marquee, you should do everything within your budget to make the inside look great. If you are having a banquet style dinner, then you will need large tables and chairs – dressed, preferably, to add to the fairytale impression. A bar area is normal at a wedding reception and you can also choose classic bar accessories such as bar stools and small tables.

Whatever furniture you choose, you need a floor to put it on and you can decide whether to have a basic floor which will simply provide a level, firm base or whether to add a dance floor too. Dance floors certainly add a touch of luxury and if you are planning an evening function to follow the wedding celebrations, a proper floor for dancing is a must. Apart from anything else, it gives a natural setting for any live music or disco that you have planned and saves having to move furniture to make sure that nothing is spilled or knocked over. With some special lighting over the area, the last waltz really can last forever!

Marquees can seem a bit gloomy sometimes so you need to consider your lighting carefully. A glitter ball over the dance floor is a must, of course, but using fairy lights in a suspended roof looks amazing. By running wires under a hard floor, each table can have its own light for added intimacy as well. This low level lighting adds to the magic of a marquee by making the most of its shadows and slightly out-of-this-world feel. If you need a generator, don’t worry that it will be noisy and smelly – modern equipment is very discreet.

Powder room
There’s no getting away from it, if you have a crowd of people anywhere for any length of time, you are going to need toilet facilities and these come in various sizes and degrees of luxury. Forget portaloos – toilet facilities these days come in their own trailer and look fabulous. You can have unisex or separate depending on numbers and you won’t have hordes of people trailing through your house. A nice loo is really the best part for many people, who may dislike portable toilets from bad experiences, so don’t stint on this. No one will remember all the fairy lights and ribbons if they have to queue for hours to ‘powder their nose’.
Rob Steen is a Freelance Copywriter who often writes for James Dabbs Marquee Hire
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