From A White To Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress: Doing More With Colours

It is not only the bride who needs to stand out in a wedding today. As a bridesmaid, you can look really cool and dress yourself up gorgeously in the most stylish dresses and vibrant colours. All you need to ensure is that you are not overdoing it to outshine the bride herself.
Traditionally, a bridesmaid is supposed to be dressed in soothing and soft colours, like white. This is primarily done to ensure that the bride is always the centre of attraction in the wedding. However, when you are a part of a more informal wedding with a fun filled party, you can always express yourself better.
Be it the colour of the bridesmaid dress, the cut, the fabric and the texture, there is so much to look into. Let us look at some colours for a bridesmaid dress today to give you an idea on what you can choose to wear in the upcoming wedding party where you are going to be the bridesmaid.
Red and shades of red
Colours like red, pink and other shades of red, like the watermelon red, can be a great choice of bridesmaid dresses in certain situations. If you are going to be attending a summer wedding, these colours, especially the watermelon red, can be a great choice. This colour signifies vivacity and goes very well with younger bridesmaids who have a lighter skin tone.
Pink would appear a little more introvert, just in case you would like to sacrifice a bit more for the bride!
Royal blue and the likes
If you are going to be a part of a beach wedding, a royal blue bridesmaid dress would be simply perfect to go for. The colour blue can be really fashionable and is very compatible with most accessories and shoe styles.
In fact, a royal blue bridesmaid dress and other those of other shades of blue are very common these days, especially in nautical weddings. For the best results, go for a long royal blue bridesmaid dress. The colour suits the more traditional weddings as well where you may need to dress up for formally.
Freshness with yellow and green
Yellow, green and chartreuse bridesmaid dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings and spring, summer weddings. These colours represent freshness, creativity and vitality. In fact, these colours are perfect for any wedding that would want to signify peace and nature, which is why the colours are perfect for an outdoor setup.
A yellow, green or chartreuse dress also signifies a fresh and new beginning. These feelings are simply perfect for an outdoor wedding in warmer climates. Check out an online store like for the perfect dress for you and look for matching accessories to heighten the feeling of freshness even further.
Romantic purple
As a bridesmaid, you may want to adorn a romantic look. While a royal blue bridesmaid dress will make you look fashionable and sedate, a colour like purple will add a feeling of nobility and charm, giving that romantic feeling that would let you turn eyes.
This colour is perfect for autumn and winter weddings, especially for ones that are held indoors. Satin and silk fabrics go best for this colour, adding to the feeling of romanticism and charm even more!
Sabrina is columnist in various fashion journals specialising in wedding and bridal collections. Here she shares with her readers the significance of colours for bridesmaid dresses, like the royal blue bridesmaid dress.
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