What should be Your First Wedding Planning To-Do?

Take all the time you can in celebrating your engagement day – but once you’re off the event, serious decision making will be required. You might not understand where and how to take a start and things might even take a toll on you. But staying calm can help!

Here’s how to dive in and start focusing on the most important things to do:

Start With a Timetable
As soon as your engagement gets over, people will start asking about your wedding date. But the bigger truth is that, setting the date is not possible before making decisions for other things – like booking a venue. Therefore, it’s important to determine various ranges of dates. Give yourself at least 15 months (average) time and also think of the season you like.
Think of Your Style and Plan on Location

Start by processing the dream into practical work – imagine about the style of the wedding you want to have – and where do you plant to celebrate your big day. Picture the entire wedding and while you do that here are the key things to focus on: In hometown, home, or outdoors? Will it be rustic, modern, vintage, classic, or all glam? For a better understanding of how you want your wedding and where you want, spend time collecting inspirations. Go through magazines, real wedding photos, books, and even online sources. You could even research venues, like these wedding chapels in Gatlinburg, to get an idea of the sort of options that you may have in your area. Sometimes even a movie can click the idea. Mainly, it’s about what you love and how you plan on seeing it happen.

Plan out Your Budget
Start penning down the entire budget. Who is paying for what and what part of the wedding will need what amount. Remember to always keep it practical and real and not over burden yourself with too much expenditure.
Create a Guest List
The guest list for your wedding depends on how you plan to celebrate it, the reception site– formal or casual – in home or in a banquet. Do you want the wedding to have all family members and close friends for quality one-on-one time or will it be about people and people? More guests mean more expenditure. So, apart from the location of your wedding, the budget will also have a huge influence.
Register Already!!!
If you register too early, should that be worrisome? No! Remember that it’s good to have a foresight but don’t include the registry information in your engagement party.
Get Engagement Ring Insurance
You might be the most careful person on earth, but getting your engagement ring insured will ease you out even more. In order to get it done, it involves: getting homeowner or renters policy or getting it through a company that masters in jewelry insurances which offers a higher insurance.
Choose the Wedding Party
Get the proposal ready for your bridesmaid and groomsmen. The earlier it is asked the better it will be, and remember letting people know about your plans in advance will help them understand how much you appreciate or love them.
Hire a Wedding Consultant
If you and your spouse are too occupied than it’s wise to hire a full time wedding planner that can help prepare the entire event of yours, from engagement to honeymoon. Even a part time consultant will be effective – devising on wedding budget, the schedule, and other things to choose on – rather than launching solo. A coordinator for a day can also be of great help in choosing and deciding on things smoothly.
Book a Venue
Reception venue can actually become a spine for results of photos to guest list and even menu. Remember to browse around and get help on choosing the venue or even for an idea, shop around and see how the cost works. And by signing your venue contract you officially set your wedding date.
Hiring Vendors
If you’re the kind of person who cannot get along with just any theme décor and custom décor, then act fast and pick your event manager. Let’s Celebrate are famous wedding decorations and event planner believe that good vendors demand at least a year of booking; otherwise you can end up with just cover ups. But before reaching to a vendor, understand your highest wedding priorities and whether you want exquisite flowers or a class catering?
Wedding Dress Shopping
Start your wedding dress search already. Save all your favorite styles and take them along on your appointments. Consider all the factors as necklines, silhouettes, trains, and hues before setting foot in a dress salon. Season will of course also play a significant role in choosing your wedding dress. Try lightweight fabrics in summer and go with brocades or velvet in winters. While silk, shantung, satin, and tulle are famous for year round. Remember to wear what makes you comfortable and loved in the dress, and you can even try going out of traditions.
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