What To Expect From A Personal Shopping Experience

It’s no secret that many people choose clothes that don’t fit, are not flattering for their body type or simply distract from their assets. This is because they either don’t know what to look for, or are rushing through the stores. A personal shopper can help save time as they will only offer items that are flattering. This will save money as well, since only clothes that are suitable will be purchased. When the results are complete, you will own accessorized outfits that are easy to put together before work each morning. Reduce stress by leaving the decisions to the professionals. Not only will a personal shopping client look their best, but will have a pleasant, learning experience on which items to buy in the future for themselves.

Tips For The First Personal Shopping Trip

It’s best to go personal shopping when rested and with at least two hours to shop. A good personal shopper will ask you to try on different styles, and may push someone out of their comfort zone. However, this is the only way to help find a better, more figure-flattering look.

If this is one’s first personal shopping trip, it’s important to discuss one’s concerns about their existing wardrobe, their personal style and any questions they have regarding the process. The more the personal shopper gets to know a client, the more successful the experience will be. While it’s important to look good in clothes that suit one’s body type, it’s also important to hold true to who one is and wear things that complement their personal style. There is a healthy medium that personal shoppers can explore and teach their clients so that staying true to their personal style doesn’t allow them to look sloppy, too young, too old or unprofessional.

Start with only one or two stores. After a few successful personal shopping trips, the basic wardrobe pieces will be purchased such as suits, blazers and other tailored business apparel. Subsequent trips will bring these pieces together and create a handful of looks that are easy to arrange each day, even for a novice.

Always shop for the most difficult or larger items first. These pieces can include suits, jackets or a little black dress. These items are often harder to find in flattering shapes and styles. Many times countless pieces must be tried on before finding the perfect fit. After these staples are found, subsequent pieces such as blouses and shoes can be purchased.

Important Things to Consider while Personal Shopping

One of the best things to learn from a personal shopping experience is to never leave a store with individual pieces, only outfits. A personal shopper will never allow a client to purchase something individually, but will encourage them to piece together other things in their wardrobe that complement it. If this isn’t the case then they won’t buy it.

Remember that it’s important to concentrate on flattering colors and styles more so than price. Shopping merely by price will give someone items at a lower cost that may not look best on that particular person’s body type. Ultimately someone will get a lower cost per wear if they opt to shop for style rather than just price. People are more inclined to wear something that they know looks good over something that didn’t break the bank, but just looks okay.

Image Design Consulting LLC. owner Sharon Kornstein is a certified image consultant, offering wardrobe organizing and etiquette trainging services. She is also a personal shopper in New Jersey and helps cleints pick out the most appropriate outfits for them. Her expertise gives her clientele a leading edge on how to conduct themselves and dress in the workplace.

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