Scope and future prospectus of Hospitality Industry

Hospitality, Event,Tourism, and Travel trade sectors are potentially growing and expanding on each day globally in today’s world. These areas tremendously contribute growth of economy and GDP of each country worldwide. Such sector`s are major employer`s of every country and leads to heavy growth by virtue of qualified professional`s providing glorious services to the basic needs of Guest and travelers.

Service with smile professionals are widely considered an assest and corner stone of the Hospitality, Travel and tourism and Event sectors.

Professionally participation in these sectors require qualified professional persons having undergraduate and post graduate qualification like Msc, Bsc in Hotel administration & Hospitality or travel trade management from top colleges and universities of India or abroad. These program`s focus on in-depth training and exposure of an individual to play a vital key role for the growth of the industry in future. Such program`s also focus on preparing graduates with thorough knowledge of hospitality`s core areas beside the auxiliary knowledge of General, Budget, marketing, human resource and security management. After graduating, the student`s are able to fetch Hospitality operation responsibility jobs in india or abroad.
Post Graduate program`s in Hospitality, travel and tourism provides a chance to have an expertise and excel knowledge in one of the core areas enabling him/her to have better opportunity to gain skills for generating volume of business for these respective sectors. The program will provide the student a wide range of higher opportunity globally .
The future growth in Hospitality industry are tremendous after completing these program`s. The student can join Hotel`s, airline, cruise line, travel trade, retail and defence sector`s. Even the modern chain of hospitals do prefer to offer lucrative employment to hotel management graduates.
These program`s will provide a global opportunity to work in management or non management cadre in world class hotels, depends upon the capabilities and potential of person.
Honest, hospitable disciplined, committed, hardworking, liking for interacting with people, skill oriented and business minded people really excel at a short period of time and become a shining star at a very young age. More or less hospitality trained people are required in every service oriented trades. The program`s also provide opportunity to excel an individual for Entrepreneurship as well. Once excelled in these area`s, it may pave the way for generating a job opportunity for other trained hospitality professionals.
Hospitality professionals having an acumen can proceed for research projects or Hospitality business projects to enhance the skill of art, and interior design in coordination with interior designer and architect.
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