3 Tips to Adding That Personal Touch to Your Sales Funnel

Sales funnels are one of the most common ways to generate conversions in the digital era. The goal of most sales funnels is to get your customer to the point of either becoming aware of your business or purchasing your product or service. Therefore, many experts use a variety of software to achieve this goal. Software can be an awesome tool in this digital age but what really matters to customers is a great service and to feel connected to the brand or business. Because of this, we are going to talk about how you can add some personal touches to your sales funnel to help your audience connect to your brand.


Email Marketing
Email marketing tools are a fantastic way to spread your message online quickly and concisely. Nothing feels more personal then receiving a message that feels like it is being individually sent to a customer from a business. Software that executes this on scale do have some differences, like if you compared mailerlite vs mailchimp you would find some features that separate the software. But we all need to be aware of we are connecting to our audience when we are reaching out to them via email.


Thinking about how your audience will read your emails is important to how you frame your information. What is the purpose of this email? Is it to entertain? Or perhaps to inform? Regardless, if you can, include the persons name in the email. This is something that can be implemented in the email gathering process through various landing page forms you can set up. Adding a name in the subject and/or email can make a big difference to how the email grabs the audience’s attention. Or you may hire a professional or an expert team to ease your work. One such expert team is SendinBlue that helps you with the right tools and marketing strategies to boost your sales. You may also check the sendinblue review to learn how it works and its benefits.


Video Marketing
Video content has become so incredibly important for how businesses connect with their customers. This is because videos allow your demographic to put a face to the brand. Brand ambassadors have been present in business marketing for a long time but these days it is easier than ever to produce high-quality video content.


Setting up the right KPIs for your videos is going to help you better craft your videos to contribute at key points in your sales funnel. You want to get your viewers hooked on your content, so they start to see you as a figure head in your industry. When that is achieved it makes it so much easier to convert on customers when they are shown the final figure.


The content will feel more personal if you understand your customer well. Creating content that provides value for that type of customer will make it feel like you are making content for them. Trust will be built, and your conversion rates will go up and so will business profits, if everything else is done correctly.


Working with Influencers
Because influencers already have a community that is bought into their brand and persona it can be an easy way to instantly get your product or services in front of interested customers. This can take a lot of guess work out of creating your own ads because the influencer will likely already understand their audience. This means you should find it easy get your products in front of eyes that want to see your product.


This can lead to a positive association between your brand and the influencer they care about. Creating this positive feedback loop of converting on your products because they are invested in the influencer and come to love your products because they have that pre-established personality they already connect too.


To conclude, digital marketing is an incredibly competitive field. There is so much competition out there so you need to use every edge you can to connect to your customers. Understanding the psychology of those that you want in your sales funnel will be key to improving conversion rates. Also adding those personal touches to all the marketing material that goes to individuals is more likely to generate a positive mental connection with your brand.
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