Email Marketing to Drive Better SEO Results for Website

Smart marketers are using the email marketing strategy to drive better SEO results. Though we don’t see a direct relation between email marketing and SEO, but it surely is one of the most engaging tools for online visitors. It is also a great tool for supporting and improving the SEO campaign. Below are some of the ways that can be included in your email marketing campaign to influence directly on the rankings in SEO.

1. Inbound Links
To increase the authority it is essential that there are more links pointing to your site along with the more diverse and sources with high authority. To acquire strong inbound links is a very important factor to improve your SEO and this can be done by effectively using the email marketing campaign. Emails can encourage people to link to your posts or different pages of your site.

2. Content Promotion
Emails are a great way to promote your web content, as they help in increasing the visibility and performance of the content. By sending regular newsletters on weekly or monthly basis can help people get connected to your latest blogs and posts. Eventually, it can help in gaining more inbound links.

3. On-site Engagement
The relative value of a web page is determined by Google using various traffic and engagement metrics. After much research and speculation, experts have made it clear that the more the number of active and engaged users will surely help one in increasing the search rankings. But the main point to be considered is that there should be low bounce rates and the time spent on each page should be more. To engage your audience further, sending them attractive offers is also a great tool.

4. Social Media Engagement
This is an indirect way of improving your SEO campaign by having more followers, shares and likes and most importantly having bigger and more engaged followers. Even by sharing the latest posts, social media share links and icons on your profile can help in reaching deeper with your audience, ultimately increasing the inbound links.

5. Reputation building
To build a good brand reputation, having brand recognition and retaining the existing customers is very valuable. High profile publishers are interested in publishing only the brands that have gained a high reputation. And to finally get listed in the top SEO pages, your engagement with popular influencers will add further to it.

6. Long-term development
By knowing that which of your articles or posts are most popular by sending newsletters through email one can create a strong database and statistics that will help in long term development for your SEO campaign. It can serve as a very important tool to understand better your target audience and create better content to appeal them and let them stay glued to your page.

7. Other useful tips
To run email marketing campaigns successfully, it is very important to focus on value and never attempt to buy subscribers. Also, don’t go over the edge to influence your readers, by sending them spam emails, as they may end up in unsubscribing. Ensure that you are able to track opens and click-through by your email platform and it helps you to provide insights into the behavior of your target audience.

So, finally we can admit that email marketing is a great tool to affect the behavior of your target audience and if you can influence that as per your website requirements, it will surely and ultimately lead to great SEO rankings.

Author Bio:
Manchun Pandit is working in India based top Website Designing Company as Digital Marketing Manager. We have more than 8 years Experience in the SEO, SMO, PPC and many more.
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