Why Do So Many Indian People Want to Study Engineering

There’s no doubt that engineering is a very well paid and respected profession in all countries including India, but love to study engineering is exceptionally high among Indians. Is it just because of these two criteria that most Indians want to study engineering and crack into top prestigious engineering colleges in the country or there is something else as well?

Amazing facts about to study engineering as a career and why it is so popular in India:

1. Esteemed profession
It shall be unfair to call engineering an esteemed profession and not highly esteemed, the reason is that it gives you more respect, skills, and knowledge than most other general subject BSc. degrees. Passing engineering from a reputed engineering college with a high CGPA grade is considered to be a benchmark to prove your worth in India. Although such a judging system is quite unfair, apparently, Indian society seems to have more respect for engineers and doctors than others.

2. High salary
Practically speaking, an engineering degree can instantly grant you a high paying job in India if you have proper skills, that is sufficient to maintain a good lifestyle. Although this field has become crowded since after 2001, it is not uncommon that freshly graduated engineering students are earning 30k-50k in India.

3. Scopes abroad
Engineering is a 4-year degree course that meets the minimum requirement of 3 years of graduate study that is mandatory in most abroad universities. Furthermore, engineering offers better post-study internship and work opportunities both in India and abroad be it at a master’s level or graduate level. If you have a high ambition to settle abroad, do not think twice and apply now; a few years of hard work are worth your dreams.

4. Technical skills
Engineering degree courses are formulated in a superior way than general B.Sc courses in India. Although, all courses have their particular field of application and general students should in no way feel inferior to engineers, yet engineering grooms students with essential technical skills that are required to compete in the rat race successfully.

5. Practical study
Engineering studies involve more practical based methods of imparting knowledge that give students a first-hand experience of how things actually work. General B.Sc or other courses are mostly dependent on theoretical knowledge to groom students who often fail to compete in the global market later on without an additional degree or internship. All reputed engineering colleges in India and most other newly developing colleges provide internship opportunities to engineering graduates which is not a common sight with general degree colleges.

6. Tendency to follow tradition
Indians have always been close to their roots and follow the footsteps of their elder generation. In some households, parents want their wards to get admitted in engineering just because they themselves studied that or want to compete with their close relatives. This might be difficult for the ward to tackle but Indians prefer to fight back and overpower their weaknesses.

Because of these rich fruits, most school pass outs want to study engineering and build a lavish lifestyle for them and their families. These are just some of the reasons why you should also apply now to engineering despite the competition and stretch in the job market.

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