7 Reasons To Learn The Beautiful Language Of The Spaniards


Learning a new language is something that many of us brush off as too expensive, difficult or time consuming. There’s a misconception that you can only learn a language as a child and that the adult brain will find the task almost impossible. Well, that’s simply not true. While it is easier to pick up a language the younger you are, plenty of adults all over the world excel at learning a new language with the right kind of support. So why Spanish?

There are seven very good reasons to learn it, that’s why!

It’s easy to pick up
All European languages share similarities, that’s true. Spanish, however, is especially easy for the English speaking brain to grasp. In most cases, words are written as pronounced, which means that reading and writing in Spanish is very easy. Additionally, there are no unfamiliar phonemes except the letter ñ, so there aren’t too many complicated things to get your tongue around!

Holidays become so much better

Speaking Spanish means that travelling is a lot less daunting. Speaking the language means that you can communicate with the locals – so no fumbling around with phrase books and dodgy pronunciation! You’ll be able to order food, ask for directions and even make new friends on your next trip.

You can access a whole new culture

When you can speak Spanish, you can absorb so much more in the way of culture. Whether it is films, books or music, speaking the language means that you don’t have to search around for an English translation – or spend time looking at the subtitles and missing out on the action.

You’ll become more employable

By speaking Spanish, you’ll be improving your job prospects. In a recent survey, 37% of employers said that they valued Spanish speaking staff highly. It’s a major European language, is the leading tongue in the fast-developing Latin American economies and is of course widely used across the United States of America. Hello jet-setting career!

Keeps your mind healthy

Those who learn a second language are significantly less at risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia. This could be because of the increased amount of memory power that you use when learning, so all of that hard work will pay off in the years to come!

You can translate for others

Speaking Spanish could come in handy if you are the only person who can help two groups of people communicate. By speaking two languages, you can step up to the role of translator – perfect for stopping stressful situations at airports or hotels escalating!

You’ll make so many friends

Above all else, learning a new language is fun and you’ll make many friends in the process. Learning Spanish will put you in touch with people you may not necessarily have sought out – you could meet a best friend or even a new partner! Whether it’s a fellow learner or a Spanish speaker you meet, learning a new language breaks down the barriers between people.

What’s stopping you?

Now that you know how much you can gain from learning to speak Spanish, why not give it a go? You won’t be on your own, there are a wealth of schools and courses to choose from – many of which use fun activities and trips as part of the learning process. So good luck, or should we say, buena suerte!
Sara Caba is the Founder of the award-winning Spanish Language School- Battersea Spanish. Sara believes that it is important to fully immerse yourself into the Spanish culture whilst learning the language, and that is why Battersea Spanish makes lessons exciting and engaging.
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