7 ‘Fun and Exciting’ Facts About Environmental Science


Our earth is a beautiful planet with plenty of amazing living and non-living things existing on it for the last millions of years. Since we the people have done severe damages to the planet, yet we are still in a position to make some changes. The wonderful fact is that we are now more aware and sensitive about the protection of our planet. People across the globe are showing their interest in creating an ideal ecosystem for animal species, plants, and other things around us. And consequently, the popularity of environmental science studies has gone up in recent years. Some of the best environmental science colleges in India are offering PG, UG, and doctoral programs in environmental science, and also offer many opportunities to work with the renowned organizations.

Here in this article, let’s talk about some fun and exciting facts about the environment science:

Fun & Exciting Facts About Environment Science

Improvements in Wildlife Conservation Over the Last Few Years

A rising fear for several countries is the loss of the creatures. If we check out the data, 50+ unique creatures or species have disappeared in the last 100 years. Because of our increasing industrialization and anti-nature activities, animals are dying day by day. Yet, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Several organizations are dedicated to protecting wildlife through their effective measures. And we can see the change that how endangered animals are being protected through different dedicated projects.

Waste Management is Growing Rapidly

Advanced recycling technologies are now making it possible to get rid of the intoxicating materials that we produce through toxin emissions. Several recyclers are working towards eliminating waste and toxins through their effective measures. 

Forest-Friendly Initiatives are Rising Day by Day

Forest conservation is now a trendy initiative—many dedicated organizations are working to promote plantation, recycled products, and other initiatives that are friendly to our forest. 

Deforestation is Declining Gradually but Continually

Deforestation has been a huge problem for our planet for many years. But many organizations have stepped up to deal with this long-standing problem with some effective measures. Forests are being developed and protected every year. In addition to it, they are also promoting people for plantation as much as they can. 

Solar Power Continues to Grow

Countries are switching over to clean energy to reduce the number of toxins generated every year. It will be a great transmission in the history of mankind when the entire earth is lit with clean energy. It reduces the pollution level in our atmosphere and ensures a sustainable source of energy. 

Initiative to Protect the Ocean 

Ocean and its creatures are an integral part of our ecosystem. We cannot ignore the importance of the ocean in our initiatives to protect the ecology. Different governmental and non-governmental agencies are working day and night to protect the ocean. 

Initiatives to Environmental Healing Continue to Grow

Environmental healing needs a continued and effective measure that can result in a sustainable solution. There is a need to bring in a scientific solution to deal with the biggest challenges we are facing today. And this is the reason why the popularity of environmental science studies is growing amongst the students.

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