What Will Be The Impact Of Brexit On Indian Students Looking To Study In UK?

Brexit definitely has shaken the EU and the world. However, as an international student, you are eager to know how Brexit will impact them. This post gives you an insight on how Brexit actually will or may impact you as an international student from India.

The first question that might arise in you is- will studying in the UK become more cheaper or expensive? As an international student, you are not required to pay EU rates when you are going to the UK for higher studies. You already need to pay international rates and so your tuition fees will not be affected by Brexit. There may be some factors that will determine the cost of your studies when you are staying there. However, do not make any hasty decision now. Wait for the agreement between Britain and the EU to be made.

You may be concerned about the funding opportunities for Indian students. This is not a cause for worry now as there are independent funding sources available to you and they will not be directly affected by Brexit.

The next thing that you may be concerned about is the restriction of international students coming to study in the UK. Now this decision has not yet been made. You will have to wait and watch to see if international students will be included in the migration targets. You have to check if students from the EU would be classified an international students or not. Now, if they are, there is a possibility that the restrictions of studying at a university in the UK could get tighter. Again, you need to see the number of students from the EU who are willing to come to the UK for pursuing higher education.

The Brexit Vote however is looking for better protection for the status of the international student and this is inevitably very good news for you. However, right now do not make the hasty decision of going to the UK for further studies. It is important for you to keep track of the news and the recent Brexit developments there. This will help you make the right decision in the future. At the same time, you should go and visit skilled and informed study abroad consultants for UK before you decide to study in London or other places. They will give you the accurate details of the Brexit impact when you have plans to study overseas in UK.

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