How to Start a Dog Breeding Business in 5 Simple Steps

If you have a natural affinity with dogs and are up to the challenge, dog breeding can be a highly lucrative business that will bring you a lot of joy. If you want to establish yourself as a reputable dog breeder, there are a few steps you will need to take to ensure your business remains profitable, your customers are happy and your dogs are healthy. Some unscrupulous pet dealers give the good breeders a bad name and make many people feel wary about choosing a purebred dog. If you want to make your mark on the dog breeding business and build a successful business, follow these five simple steps for making sure you’re prepared for the challenge.
Choose your dog breed
Whether you’re breeding pugs or poodles, shih tzus or schnauzers, make sure it’s a breed you absolutely love and that you have a good understanding of their specific needs. Although purebred dogs are an obvious choice, there are also some mixed breeds that are proving to be very popular.
Learn the laws
You will want to follow the letter of the law to ensure your dog breeding business is above board. There may be national laws governing who can breed dogs, but you should also check local laws to ensure you are allowed to keep the dogs in your home. You may require permission from your local council to avoid getting complaints from your neighbours.
Do your research
Learning as you go along is not advisable when breeding dogs. If you know another dog breeder, ask if you can work with them for a few days to learn all you can about the business. You won’t only be responsible for keeping your dogs healthy, but you will also be responsible for meeting with customers, marketing your business and managing the administrative side. Dog breeding is a highly competitive and complex industry, and no one should go into it unprepared.
Develop new skills
In the UK, all dogs have to be microchipped by the age of 8 weeks. Many breeders take responsibility for fitting the dog microchips and transferring the microchip registration to the new owner once they are sold. There are dog microchipping courses available to teach you how safely fit the microchips.
Build your network
Establishing yourself as a reputable dog breeder requires a strong network that will include fellow breeders, local businesses and veterinarians. By building these networks early, you will often have the opportunity to gain invaluable insight and advice for free. When it comes to marketing your business, you will also have a strong network to help get the word out.
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