Find Vet Out Unqualified Online Employers By Using TOEFL Scores

Hiring freelancers to do the tasks you simply do not have time for is a great way to save yourself money and time.  The prospect of hiring people internationally for virtual is becoming more and more popular in first world countries.  Employers who want to cut back on costly full time employments or only have temporary tasks that need to be handled benefit greatly from this employment method, but it can be terribly difficult for them to vet out the unqualified or unreliable prospective employees from the really excellent ones. 

Why hiring internationally works so well?

The main reason it works so great is because of the massive difference in currencies.  What seems like small change to someone in a first world country is a lot of money to someone from third world countries.  Employers can enjoy good quality work at rock bottom prices on a permanent basis.  The time differences can also be hugely beneficial to those from first world countries who find it difficult to fit heavy workloads in working hours.  Virtual assistants from a different time zone have absolutely no problem in taking over the duties during the night – which is actually their daytime.  By hiring internationally, employers will be able to find higher volume employees and will eliminate law enforced issues such as sick leave, bonuses and maternity leave.  The employers get what they pay for and have no full time obligations to their employees.

The downside of hiring internationally

It can be difficult to find trustworthy help.  People look a lot better online than they do in reality and the profiles they present you with can be stolen work.  Trust plays a huge role in the international employment division.  You need to be able to trust a complete stranger with important tasks and an employer needs to trust a complete stranger with their hard work.  The only way to really vent out criminals and crooks is to take a leap of faith.  

What is TOEFL?

TOEFL is a test that enhances the command over the language for students with proper English vocabulary and grammar.  To help the students for appearing for the exam and grab the best TOEFL scores, the site BestMyTest offers an abundance of tests to help teach students English. 
Reading Tests – These tests improve student’s English reading abilities and the multiple choice tests improves their ability to understand what they have read. 
Listening tests – Learning to understand English from listening is also an important aspect when you employ virtual assistants and want to communicate with them over Skype. Listening tests can improve a person’s listening capability.
Speaking tests – Some virtual assistants get employed to deal with client queries or to promote products and need to be able to communicate well and without a heavy accent. The speaking tests will determine if an employer has good clear speaking capabilities and can improve their speech dramatically.
Writing – A lot of virtual assistants get hired for their ghostwriting capabilities.  These writing tests can determine if a person has a good writing style and if they need improvement.
Vocabulary – English is one of the languages with the highest vocabulary and to understand work properly, they need to have a very broad vocabulary. The site offers a very wide range of words and also enables students to listen to the proper pronunciation of the words.

How can TOEFL help me vet out prospective employees?

There are 15 TOEFL tests available on BestMyTest.  These tests cover all the basic aspects of the English language such as reading, understanding and writing skills to get the best TOEFL score.  By requesting your prospective employees to take a test you can determine their basic English skills and ensure they understand the language properly, can communicate with you efficiently and is capable of essay writing in English.  Employees will instantly be able to determine if the people they are interviewing are busy scamming them, if they have the necessary skills to perform the tasks and if they are reliable and trustworthy.
The grammar test on BestMyTest will also be able to help employers determine if writers have the necessary writing skills to ghostwrite online content such as blog articles, newsletters, website articles and eBooks for them. A lot of data workers are also available on the internet and their grammar and wording skills can also be tested online. Grammar is something even native English speakers have difficulties to grasp.  The site also offers over 199 grammar tests to determine native English speakers’ abilities to write and to establish if they are attentive to their mother tongue. 

TOEFL is not just for vetting out the bad eggs

Finding reliable employees online can be difficult and if you do find them, their trustworthiness and reliability can count tremendously in their favor.  You can invest more in these trustworthy employees by requesting them to take the full BestMyTest course to improve their language and writing skills.  This is the perfect win win situation.  The employee will broaden their skills and will be able to prove their worth to other prospective clients and the employers will be able to enjoy higher quality work from the employers they have learned to trust with important tasks.  The website is flexible enough to focus on certain language aspects so employees can better their problematic areas in less time with greater success.  If they have writing disadvantages then they can focus on writing tests.  If they have a poor vocabulary and bad speaking abilities, then the test should be taken regularly to improve their abilities.
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