Tips when purchasing contact lenses

So, what’s your definition of a makeover? Is it a new set of bangs or a facelift? What about fancy nail art, or a fully fledged update of your wardrobe? It so seems that there are multitudes of beauty and fashion related variables to experiment and enhance your overall appearance with, and each of us may have our own different outlook about it. However, regardless of where you hail from; whether you are orthodox or cosmopolitan, or how much account balance is indicated on your regular monthly bank statement, each and every one of us wishes to add some zing to life by adorning all or part of our bodies with tinges of colour and variety – after all, our bodies are the temples of the holy spirit, now isn’t it so?

Unlike single-process hair color jobs or slimming spa treatments, which are always the initial thoughts and suggestions generally associated for makeovers, one crucial bodily detail which mostly tends to be overlooked, are what some say, the ‘windows to your soul’ (and in fact, they really are!) – Your set of eyes! Yes, your set of peepers have an immense potential to be instantly beautified if their iris’s colours are changed. Your ultimate go-to: colored contact lenses, of course. The prime advantage that you tend to benefit from with the purpose of changing your eye colour is that, if the right hue is selected wisely and worn responsibly, it appears to be wonderfully au naturale, unlike conventional eye-makeup, which is also utilized to dramatize and prominently define the eyes.  Since, even after application, the liner or shadow that would be used would still be obvious, therefore making it appear superficial, nonetheless.
Alright, let’s gets started! So, first things first, make sure you do your homework. The first step of getting your eyes comprehensively examined by a certified and reputed eye-care professional is key to purchasing and wearing lenses that are not only suitable for you, but just as comfortable and risk-free. No two individuals have an identically functioning pair of eyes, so ask your doctor for any special eye-care routines that need to be adhered to if required, if ever in doubt. If you previously or even currently have been diagnosed with eye power, then it’s absolutely important that your contact lens specialist is aware of this, since your contacts, after selection, shall be delivered only after your customized power is integrated in them.
Now comes the fun part! Deciding which eye color is most ideally suited to you depends on several different factors, with your skin and hair tone being one of them. Although during the very initial consideration of coloured contacts most of us have a preconceived notion of which color we would like to flaunt. Following your instincts, you can freely perform a trial of those colors at the opticians’ which are to your liking, and distinguish which exact hue flatters your natural characteristics and overall persona the most. If ever you’re unsure, follow this simply progressing mantra to help you determine which colour can be most suitable – the duskier your skin tone, the more you need to stick to natural eye colours such as hazel, lilac and grey. Fairer complexions and lighter hair colours can confidently carry off brighter tones such as blues, greens and even reds. Now most of us will fall into an exclusive category somewhere between this range, hence it can help to brainstorm for a while and conclude on a set of prospective shades that may deem worthy enough. For instance, with an olive skin tone and dark golden tresses, hues of honey, sterling grey and amethyst in particular tend to suit me the best.

So, what’s your signature eye colour?

About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. These days she is writing about travelling, fashion and coloured contact lenses.
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