When Not to Wear Your Personally Styled Engagement Ring

You’ve heard this right “your diamond engagement ring” speaks for you! It tells tales of your love and about your personality and likings as well. If you are about to get engaged and getting a custom made engagement ring, than its wise knowing about the styles first. And did you know there are times you cannot wear that ring?
You can choose any setting, design, and style for your engagement ring since it’s all about you. Aida Design US knows how important your love is; therefore they create the most exquisite diamond engagement rings that are designer made. There is a vast choice of beautiful designs that will leave you with at least one wedding ring that you can purchase.
Whether, you’re a tradition lover, a romantic heart, or you fantasize a boho flower, you will be entertained with all choices of engagement ring at Aida design US. But here’s a brief explanation for the style of your engagement ring first:
You Love Total Classic
What Does the Style Says – Your choice is effortlessly elegant. Your inspiration is drawn from ladylike icons like Kate Middleton and Audrey Hepburn. You prefer a polished wear than an edgy or trendy wear.
Your Ring Design Should Be– Your engagement ring should be with a princess cut, emerald diamond cut, or a round diamond ring. If you don’t want a sparkle shining over top than choose a halo or a pave band instead. Otherwise, a timeless simple classic is what you are looking for.
You Love Boho Chic
What Does Your Style Says – With a boho ring style you’re portraying a care-free, wildish colorful personality. You love the boldness of the ring and want stylish 2017 rule breakers than anything following traditions.
Your Ring Design Should Be– A rose gold or yellow gold ring with a nontraditional whimsical setting is your ring style. Look for colorful gemstones or oval cut diamond setting contoured or curved at the band. You will be set apart from the world by going for a colorful center stone.
You Love the Vintage Flair
What Does Your Style Says – A vintage look shows sophistication, sentimentality, and that you’re a romantic heart with a touch for glamour. You’re the type that would never turn down the invitation of a Gatsby themed party venture.
Your Ring Design Should Be – You should choose a white gold or a platinum setting with geometric details, or filigree or milgrain. You can also add a colorful center stone, and if you do than choose to add a ruby, emerald, or a sapphire for an antique feel.
You Love the Modern Edge
What Does Your Style Says – Your style is chic. Anything that is simple with an edge is your style but it should not be frilly or flashy at the same time. Try taking a look at Calvin Klein wardrobe.
Your Ring Design Should Be – You will love a ring with an eastern-western setting of the stone, a vertical setting of the stone than horizontal. Choose white gold or platinum for a minimalist smoother bezel. If you want to add sparkle to your ring but without much glitz than pick a halo style with a swirled diamond.
When Should You Take Off Your Engagement Ring
There are certainly times when you need to take off your engagement rings! Call it a safe-hand approach or an attempt to keep your diamond in the perfect condition. Here are five places where you will need to take off the engagement or wedding ring:
#1 At the Beach. The beach is perfect for sun bathing and talking dips in the cool waters, but not for your ring. You can lose it easily in the sand, it can wedge inside the in the ring (under the diamond), and the sunscreen on top of all reasons; it clouds up the diamond.
#2 Heading to the Gym. Wearing your diamond engagement ring during all the cardio activities does no harm, but the weight lift certainly does. The pressure of any kind of weight can bend the band, and if your ring has smaller stones, they can definitely fall out of the band. Contact sport is another reason to take off your ring as it can cause injuries as ring avulsion.
#3 During Shower. Just like a sunscreen, beauty products as soaps and other things can cloud up the stone and can get stuck under the stone. The same goes for body lotions and other such products that are applied post shower.
#4 Soaking in a Hot Tub. Getting your ring lost in the tub might not be an issue, but if it does than chemicals as chlorine can damage your ring by discoloring the metal.
#5 While Cleaning Things. Cleaning your oven or car, bleaching agents and other household routines that require using chemicals can result in erosion of your colored stone and the polish of your ring.
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