Tips to consider before choosing best boarding school in Mussoorie

Mussoorie is popularly known as the Queen of the Hills for its magnificent beauty and landmarks. The hill station has been an important Indian city since the British Raj. The city is also highly recognized for its world class educational facilities offered to the students. Home to some of the oldest schools of the country, this city has earned an impeccable reputation for its top in the line boarding schools. These schools are not only a popular choice among the Indian residents but also highly popular among the NRIs and foreign nationals.

Some of the best boarding schools in Mussoorie are:

Mussoorie International School: Ranked among the top boarding school in India. The school curriculum includes, IGSCE/ICSE (Higher School Level), Cambridge AS&A Levels/ISC (Secondary Level), and IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) for Class XI-XII.

Woodstock School: It is an International co-educational residential school. It offers classes from kindergarten to Grade 12.

St. George College: It is an ICSE- ISC All-Boys residential and non-residential school. The school offers classes from Grade IV to Grade XII.

Wynberg Allen School: It is a co-educational residential school. It offers classes from Class I to XII.

Convent of Jesus and Mary, Waverly: It is a CBSE board All-Girls residential and day school. Classes are offered from Grade I to Grade XII.

Sending a child to boarding school is a decision that is filled with emotional turmoil’s and practical facts. We all want to reduce the incredibly stressful experience of separating with the child and easily conclude the decision-making process. Choosing a right boarding school for your ward is an elaborate process that involves several steps. There are a number of things to consider before finalizing a school. Here is a comprehensive list of some tips to consider before choosing the boarding for your child:

Decide: Make decisions on basic questions like
Do you want co-educational school or not?
Will you prefer military school?
Will you prefer religious school?
Do you want a small or large school?
What type of sports and other hobbies does your child enjoy.

Search: Make a list of boarding schools in the region you desire. Narrow down the list with schools that might be suitable for admission on the basis of the above made list and facts like school location, fees, infrastructural facilities, etc

Research: Learn about the school from every source that you can get your hands on. Internet can be one of the many places to start with. There are numerous websites dedicated towards ranking and reviewing schools. Read what ex-students and parents have to say about the school.

Visit: Pay a visit to the school campus. Have a look at the facilities the school provides. The visit will help you create expectations about the child’s life on the campus. Learn about the pastoral system and how it works.

Prepare: Every school require some sort of admission criterion. Learn about them and help your child fulfill them.

Talk: The most important aspect of choosing a boarding school is letting a child know that it will benefit them. Always involve the child in the decision-making process. Let them help you make the decision.

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