How to prepare General Awareness for Bank Exams

The banking sector has always been an attractive option to aspirants from all backgrounds. Adding to its popularity in today’s professional scenario with attributes like attractive pay packages, add-on perks and job security. However, this has also brought about an unprecedented upsurge in the number of aspirants appearing in various banking exams, thereby increasing the level of competition.

General awareness has been an integral part of the banking exams, that checks how much the candidate is keeping up with the happenings around the world. As it covers an array of subjects like current finance and economy, geographical, social, cultural aspects at national and international level, it sometimes becomes difficult for the aspirants, making it a challenge to prepare the unlimited range of questions.

In this article we will provide you with the necessary information on how to prepare general awareness for various banking exams.

  • Nurture a reading habit – Nothing invigorates your knowledge like reading. An age old and time tested method, reading is the best way to connect with all the subjects and be aware of all the latest developments around the world in every field. A highly recommended way to keep oneself abreast with Current Affairs is to read a newspaper regularly. Newspapers are not only instrumental in improving your awareness of the social and geopolitical changes around the world but also your vocabulary and speed of reading. Reading the newspaper’s editorial section enables you to look at a situation with a different point of view. But if you are unable to follow the daily ritual of reading newspaper, you have a lifesaver in the form of monthly competitive exam magazines that provide updated information in a very crisp and precise format.
  • Watch meaningful programs on TV and Internet – Even though it is touted as the “Idiot box”, the TV, if watched judiciously, it can be the best available source of important and latest information. By watching national and international news channels, you can secure your grip on all kind of news like National, International, Sports, Economics and more. The internet can also serve as a great teacher, as nowadays various free applications are available that provide updated information on current affairs. They have an edge over the newspapers and magazines that information is available instantly whenever any incident takes place. Also there are many websites where GK quizzes are available which provide precise information as per the syllabus and are updated regularly.
  • Take Mock Tests – “Practice makes a man perfect”, the age old adage is still very relevant when it comes to preparing for an exam. It is highly recommended for candidates to appear in maximum number of mock tests, practice papers and past year papers. As these various module test papers test the candidate in his General Awareness, they are a great way of self-evaluating the candidates own knowledge about the current affairs.

Overall, it won’t be wrong to say that the General Awareness section of the banking exams is a highly leveraged section. By putting in the required hard work and dedicating time, you can certainly score high in this section and

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