Stylish Tips For Wearing Brooches

Brooches and pins are beautiful fashion accessories and there are many ways to incorporate them into your personal style. This article will discuss the types of brooches and suggest some of the various ways to use them to enhance your outfits. Read on to find creative and stylish way to wear your brooches and pins.

The History Of Brooches

Brooches have been worn for centuries. Since brooches are basically pins, they also are functional items that can be used to fasten or secure garments. Vintage brooches have a certain charm but many prefer modern fashion-forward examples. Let your personal style be your guide when selecting brooches for your wardrobe. There are many ways to wear brooches. Follow your mood and consider the occasion you are dressing for in order to put together the proper outfit.

Experiment With Brooches

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your brooches. Typical spots for brooches include the neckline of a dress or blouse or the front sides of the bodice. One interesting variation is to take an existing element of your garment, such as a bow or a placket, and accent it with lovely brooch. You can try to match the color and style of the garment or go for some contrast. Think about combining hard and soft elements or old and new elements. For example if your dress is a feminine, flowing design, you could complement it with a swirly, sparkly brooch. Or, you could create contrast by pairing it with a modern brooch for quirky style.

Mix With Other Accessories

Scarves and brooches are natural companions. Just drape a scarf in a pleasing way and secure it with the brooch of your choice. Easy to do and very chic! Handbags are easily accessorized by wrapping a scarf around the base of the handle and accenting it with a vintage or contemporary brooch. Some adventurous ladies even wear smaller scarves, twirled around the wrist with a brooch serving to hold the scarf/bracelet in place. Hats are an ideal place to show off your favorite brooches. Try attaching one to the hat band to create your own personal style effect.

Group Several Brooches

Don’t forget that some brooches are tiny making them ideal for grouping. Cluster small brooches near the collarbone on any garment that suits your liking. Pins can also be grouped on purses, hats or even backpacks! Unique placement is a hallmark of sophistication. How about a dangling brooch on the back of your formal gown when you are wearing your hair in an up-do?
Outerwear practically screams for ornamentation. Pin brooches on jackets and coats to accent your cold weather gear. The classic pairing of a simple sweater drapped around the shoulders and secured with a single brooch in the front never really goes out of style. The cuff of your blouse is anther interested place for the sparkle or shine of a brooch. Brooches can even be worn on belts! Truly, brooches are the most versatile of the jewelry pieces.
Now that you know how to wear them, it’s time for you to experiment on your own clothes to define your unique style. Break out your vintage brooches or expand your collection of modern brooches. Either way, use them to create beautiful, memorable and functional style no matter the occasion.


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