An Overview Of PPC Management

If you are a frequent user of Bing, Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine, then you are likely to have noticed ads that appear above, below, or to the right of natural search results. But, have you ever asked yourself how those ads work? Well there are online businesses that are actually thriving from these ads by engaging in PPC Adwords management. So, what exactly is PPC management? Below we take a closer look.

The Definition Of PPC Management

Search engines generate website listings on a per pay basis which appear as ads alongside natural, non-paid search results. These ads are sold in an auction manner whereby interested parties bid the amount they are willing to pay every time a visitor clicks on their ad. The highest bidder gets a high chance of appearing at the top of sponsored results. This method of bidding for ad space is what is referred to as PPC or Pay Per Click. Simply put, PPC is a marketing strategy where you buy visits to your site rather than employing SEO tactics to get those visits organically.

PPC is a great way to instantly get visitors when you need traffic to flow to your website. However, it requires proper management otherwise you may end up spending a fortune to generate visits yet have nothing to show for it. This is where PPC management comes in. This refers to monitoring and maintenance of CCP (cost per click) advertising campaigns. It basically entails; changing bid prices, editing ad copies, and expanding and refining keyword lists. It also includes testing campaign strategies for cost effectiveness and successful conversions as well as reviewing performance reports.

Who Can Do It?

Unless you have sound knowledge on search engine marketing, it is better to leave the work of PPC management to adword managers. This is because when you log into your Adwords account you may be confused by the many settings there are to choose from. As a result you may end up missing an important setting or making a grave mistake that will adversely affect your performance. Competent adword managers on the other hand have the necessary training and experience needed to come up with clever campaign strategies that will have your ads ranking well and traffic flowing to your website.

Why You Need It?

If you own a website, PPC management as a form of online marketing is a great way to go. This is because you will drive instant, targeted traffic to your website. Alternatively, already established businesses can use PPC management to supplement their SEO strategies. Having both organic ranking and adword listings is highly beneficial as it results in higher click through rates.

The Benefits of PPC

The main benefit of PPC advertising is that it is fast. If you employ effective tactics and bid on the right keywords, you will be able to generate traffic to your website the minute you activate your ad.

PPC advertising also adapts quickly to changes. With other forms of online marketing, it can take weeks or months to see the effects of a change in strategy.

About the Author

This article was authored by Scott Herron, a freelance writer, web designer, SEO consultant, and PPC specialist. Click here if you want to get into PPC advertising or in need of an Adwords manager.

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