Setting Up A Diagnostic Lab In India

Nowadays, as you know, the healthcare industry experiences a huge commercialization. So, this is the right time to set up a diagnostic lab. This holds true irrespective of wherever you live in India.
Not just chains, but also many standalone diagnostic centers have emerged in India. This is why MDs in radiology/pathology are more prized these days than ever. However, starting a diagnostic setup is not an easy task.
Before you execute, you will have to engage in a lot of research. A lot of planning is indeed a requirement. Before you execute your plan, you should do a lot of groundwork. You will need a lot of things to set up a diagnostic lab in India. Of course, you need capital and space among many others.
As you are planning to establish a diagnostic lab in India, here are certain things that you should know:
You should consider the space:
Space is the most important requirement in setting up a diagnostic lab. In fact, it is the biggest investment as well. You should be careful about choosing a location that patients can easily access. For instance, when you construct or hire a space near a hospital without a lab, it will help. You should evaluate the machines required for processing blood samples.
If you are planning to offer scanning facility, you should have the appropriate devices. You should have the appropriate space to place all these devices. It is better to make sure that the sample collection center is on the ground floor. This will help elderly people and carrying moms to get easy access. Otherwise, there should be lift facility to help them gain easy access. Carrying moms might visit for scanning and blood test as per the recommendation of their gynaecologist.
Space should be highly hygienic and adequately air-conditioned space will help. If the surroundings are contaminated, it might lead to contamination of samples. This can lead to a bad reputation of the lab if the test reports are not accurate. Well-maintained washrooms are important to gather samples like stool and urine. All these things are to be kept in mind when you decide a location and space for your diagnostic center.
How about the monetary essentials?
As you know, the machines needed for investigation procedures cost huge. So, when it comes to finances you will have to consider everything. Not just money needed to shop for machines, but you should also consider the money for the space. Further, the salary to be paid to staff, water supplies, and electricity are to be considered. You should also consider the marketing expenses. When planning for your finances, considering these things will help you make the right planning and execution.
Testing devices and other essentials:
You should also find a good dealer or manufacturer. What for? You should have adequate collection syringes and tubes. Nowadays, vacutainers are important for blood collection. This is essential for reducing the time of blood collection. It will also bring down the chances of contamination to a great extent.
You should have the right space to store the samples of patients. They should be stored in a safe environment with appropriate labeling before processing. Human errors should never happen in the diagnostic niche. The staff should be rightly trained. Instruments and syringes are to be sterilized before use.
All these factors need to be considered when you plan for your diagnostic lab set up.
Trained staff is important:
Remember that organization is nothing, but a reflection of staff. Licensed, trained and skilled radiologists, pathologies, and lab technicians are important for the proper functioning of your lab. Home sample collection is important to provide better service these days. USG, MRI, CT scan, and X-Ray need a consulting general physician as well to give the appropriate conclusion on reports.
So, if you have plans to set up a diagnostic lab in India, you should remember these things. Remember that you should have the appropriate license to run your lab. Also, license renewal should be done at the regular intervals.
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