Banking Knowledge One Should Have

The central government has made it compulsory that each family should have a bank account. This rule was established to credit the gas subsidy directly to the bank account. So, it becomes important for each one of us to develop a fundamental banking knowledge. With the objective of educating people, the RBI has also launched a program called Financial Literacy. Under this program, camps are conducted across the country. These camps are for making people aware of fundamental banking concepts.
The government has also made it compulsory that each district should have a financial counsellor. He will guide people and will answer their queries on banking. He will offer this service free of cost. So, people can use this service.

What is the fundamental knowledge to have?

Every adult should have at least a single bank account. It is not that there should a specific bank balance. Even, zero balance account is possible for poor people to have a bank account. The individual can then start the deposit at his/her choice.
Nowadays, the withdrawal and pay-in-slips are easy to fill. It is important that one should learn how to fill these slips on their own. To help people, who do not know English, these slips are provided in regional languages. It is not that a person should know how to sign. Even, an uneducated person can use his thumb impression to open and operate the bank account.
These illiterate individuals can also use Rupay Card for withdrawing money from ATM. He should know how to give a numerical password. Education in this regard is provided.

Mobile phone operations:

Banks these days use mobile SMS for communication. So, every individual should learn how to send and receive SMS.

How to send and receive money?

It is important for any individual to develop this knowledge. Uneducated parents can have children studying elsewhere. In this case, sending money becomes important. So, this knowledge is important. It is also important to develop knowledge on banking terms. Some of these terms include RTGS and NEFT.

Knowledge about government scheme:

Mainly to help uneducated people to use bank accounts, the government has launched many schemes. It is important that these individuals should develop their knowledge about the schemes. Even, loan schemes are available for their benefit. They should gather details in this regard as well.

Non-disclosure of password or ATM Pin:

This is an important knowledge to develop. No individual account holder should share any of his bank details with others. Particularly, he should not disclose the ATM Pin and online banking password. He should remember that bank will never ask for these details. Also, it is better not to take any help from an unauthorized person for banking.

Safe passbook, ATM Card and Aadhar Card:

It is important that every individual should keep the Aadhar Card, Passbook, and ATM Card safe. If the ATM card is last, he/she should immediately inform the bank. They will block the card, such that no one can draw money using the card. Also, it is better not to write down the ATM pin anywhere. It is better to memorize it and it should never be disclosed to anyone.

Precaution in banking:

When an individual takes precautionary measures when banking, he can enjoy the fruits. In addition to experiencing, he should also help others if possible.

Exams for bank positions:

There are people, who deceive others stating that they will get a bank job. But, it is not possible for anyone to get bank jobs simply. There are bank exams for recruitment of right talents. So, people stating that they will get a bank job for you are deceiving you.
If you are a degree holder, just look for bank exam notifications in employment newspapers. Nowadays, you can also gather details of notifications online. Just apply as per the procedure. Prepare well for the bank exam to find a job position in the banking sector.
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