Scholarships for Indian Students for Studying in the UK

If you choose to study in the UK, you can apply for some of the best scholarships offered by UK universities for Indian students and international students at UK universities. Studying in the UK is easy for bright students who need financial help.

These scholarships range from being national or university funded, allowing you to opt for courses that you like, in a university that you want to go to.

Here are the top 7 scholarships for UK universities that are open for Indian students in 2021:

1. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship is a global program that is open not just for Indian students but for students coming from all over the world to study in the UK. This scholarship is one of the most competitive and renowned programmes available for bright and needy students. The applications are welcomed from the start of August and the forum closes in November. This fully-funded scholarship for Indian students & international students includes your tuition fee, airfare, living expenses, etc. The aid is provided for 12 months which can be extended depending on the circumstances and requirements.

2. Rhodes Scholarship

Rhodes scholarship is awarded to the highly intellectual and capable students who want to study at the University of Oxford. It is one of the oldest scholarships that was started for Indian students who wanted to study in the best university in the world, the “University of Oxford”. The candidates who qualify for this scholarship get a complete tuition fee, monthly stipend and air tickets to arrive and depart from the UK on the completion of their postgraduate programme in the country. As this scholarship is valid for doing PhD in the UK only, thus you should have an undergraduate degree to be eligible.

3. GREAT Scholarship

The GREAT scholarship is a tie-up between the government and some of the best and top universities in the UK including Imperial College, University College London, University of Cambridge, University of Dundee, University of Manchester, University of Warwick and more. Sixty scholarships are awarded to Indian students for different courses and specializations. You can get up to £10,000 or more tuition fee for your postgraduate programme (one year). To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be an Indian citizen and hold an undergraduate degree which can allow you entry into a similar postgraduate programme.

4. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

If you are planning to do a PhD in the UK, then this scholarship can be the one for which you should send your application. Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship offers the right candidate their tuition fee, airfare and probable monthly expenses. To be eligible you must be a permanent citizen of India and have an undergraduate honours degree of at least upper second class. The applications usually close in the month of August so if you haven’t applied yet, do check out the procedure or take help from our experts at SI-UK.

5. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships are ideally awarded to students who are meritorious and inclined towards fields like arts and humanities. You can get a grant for 2-3 months which can extend up to one year as well, depending on different factors. You get financial aid for your tuition fee, living expenses, and other commute expenses from this scholarship. All selected candidates get the chance to visit these universities that allow students to visit their campus for study purposes and for researching various topics.

6. Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships

Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarship is one of the most rewarding programmes that you can apply to. You get a fully-funded scholarship that includes everything, from your tuition fee to your visa expenses and from your travel expenses to your monthly expenditure. If you get this scholarship, you get to opt for a Doctoral programme in St. John’s College of the University of Cambridge. You can enrol in any of the following courses: science and technology, economics, social studies, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, energy studies, etc.

7. Inlaks Scholarships

Inlaks scholarships are awarded to students who want to learn more about their specific niches in some of the world’s leading universities. The Inlaks Foundation works with institutions like Imperial College London, Royal College of Art, University of Cambridge and more to offer scholarships to deserving candidates. If you want to pursue a masters or PhD in the UK, you can apply without hesitation for this particular scholarship. This scholarship offers full tuition fees, living expenses and one-way air tickets to selected students. You need to have a first-class degree from a reputed university/college in India to be eligible for this programme.

Apart from this, other university-specific scholarships are very popular amongst Indian and other international students.

To know how to apply for these scholarships for Indian Students or international students, connect with SI-UK experts at the earliest opportunity.

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