8 Ways to Survive a Snow Day

If you’ve spent months working from home you might be wondering what on earth you’re going to do when a snow day actually forces tools down?


Take a deep breath, put your big snow pants on, and read these survival tips to keep you sane. From making breakfast with your children to giving yourself a spa treat—hooray for snow days.

Clear The Snow From Your Yard


The first step to making the best of a bad day is to make sure your yard is clean and clear of snow. The more time you spend outdoors, the less inclined you’ll be to stay inside and mope about the cold weather.


If you’re stuck inside, this step will help keep the stress down and help you relax. Snowy yards mean that kids can play outside and go sledding, but snowy sidewalks pose a danger.


Get yourself a decent Cub Cadet snow blower, and get your yard and sidewalk clear.

Make it a TV day


Watch your favorite fun-filled holiday movies like Home Alone or Elf, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the time with your family.


Pick something that is family friendly and fun for everyone. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a movie together, so sit back with your loved ones, smile, and enjoy the day!

Have breakfast at home


Are you sick of being stuck at your local diner for breakfast? A snow day gives you the opportunity to have a fun breakfast in the convenience of your own home.


Make it an egg-cellent experience by using different kinds of ingredients like bacon, hash browns, and coffee that you enjoy. This way, you can make your breakfast a family affair instead of an inconvenience.

Get the kids involved


Put your children in charge of clearing the snow. Ask them to collect snowballs and bring them to a designated area ready for a snowball fight.


Have them run around the house while you make breakfast or get yourself a cup of coffee. You can even make a snow sculpture and place it in your front yard for an eye-catching display.

Make Biscuits and Gravy


Homemade biscuits and gravy is a simple yet delicious meal that will warm up everyone’s tummies.


In wintertime, there’s nothing like a warm soup or stewed meat with biscuits, vegetables, and gravy.


If you are looking for some recipes, try this Biscuits & Gravy Recipe.

Have a snow date with friends


If you live near other freelancers, grab everyone’s kids and spend the day at an indoor playground.


This way you don’t have to worry about shoveling snow, and still get to spend time with your child. Win-win.

Build A Snowman


If you have some time before it gets dark, build a snowman. There are all sorts of sculpting techniques but the most important thing is to have fun.


You can even have a snowman-building contest for the kids.

Read A Book


Whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to get your creative mind going, reading is an excellent option for a snow day.


Make it a relaxing afternoon with some hot chocolate, soft music, and a cozy blanket.

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