Top Universities in UK for Aeronautical Engineering

Many students across the world travel to the UK for pursuing their higher studies in aeronautical engineering universities in UK. It is one of the most challenging branches of engineering with a huge growth potential for students. The UK is one of the most preferred international study destinations where you have some of the best aeronautical campuses of the globe. Opting for this foreign study destination for your aeronautical engineering degree is indeed a wise and prudent choice!

Handpicked Aeronautical Engineering Universities In UK

Given below are the top universities in UK for aeronautical engineering provided by the Complete University Guide in the UK:

•Swansea University- This campus is the first campus in the nation that conducts public research. It enjoys a high student rating of 4.12% and the employability rates of its graduates is about 90%.

University of Southampton– This University is known for its consistently high ratings and scores for learning satisfaction. It enjoys a student satisfaction rate of 4.01% out of 5. It has a graduate employability percentage of about 94%.

University of Bristol– Known as the first top aeronautical engineering university in the UK to admit women equally like men, this campus is undoubtedly one of the widely sought after higher education institutes in the nation for aeronautical engineering. It enjoys a student satisfaction rating of 4.11% and its employability rates is 95.9%.

University of Leeds– One of the largest universities in the UK to study aeronautical engineering, it is ranked among the top ten research universities in the globe. It is associated with some of the most prestigious boards like the European University Association, CDIO, and Commonwealth Universities etc. It enjoys a student satisfaction rate of 4.43 and a graduate employability percentage of 78%.

University of Glasgow– This is an ancient campus that is about 540 years old. It is one of the oldest universities in the nation and known across the whole world for its excellent teaching standards. The student satisfaction rate is 3.63 and it has a graduate employability score of 80%.

Loughborough University-This campus is the first technological university in the UK and is highly respected for its student experience. It is also one of the largest single-site universities campuses in the UK and globe. It has a student satisfaction rating of 4.04 and a graduate employability of 90%.

University of Nottingham– This campus is one of the most popular and leading research facility in the world. It is an award –winning campus in the UK, Malaysia and China. It sports a student rating of 4.19 and a graduate employability of 84%.

Therefore, if you really are interested in learning aeronautical engineering in the UK, the above institutes will give you state-of-the-art facilities and the best teaching faculty across the globe.

Where I can study Aeronautical Engineering!

If you’re thinking about studying Aeronautical Engineering in the UK, here are the top universities for this discipline. The University of Bristol, Imperial College London, Cranfield University, the University of Manchester, the Universities of Nottingham and Sheffield, and the University of Southampton are all top universities. You can choose any of these universities to pursue your degree in Aeronautical Engineering. All of these universities are accredited by the same body, the UCAS.

The University of Southampton is a world-renowned aerospace research centre. It has extensive links with aerospace companies, including Rolls-Royce and Boeing. Their aerospace research activities focus on noise reduction, computational engineering, and design. Students can also specialize in spacecraft engineering or materials and structures. Whether you want to be an aerospace engineer or a business executive, you’ll find a great deal of opportunities at the University of Southampton.

Several top UK aeronautical engineering universities offer courses that prepare students for careers in the aerospace industry. Exeter’s MEng aerospace course, for example, has an excellent ratio of student to faculty. Its students get exposure to real-world situations and learn from professional academic mentors. In addition to teaching students the fundamentals of aerospace engineering, the University of Exeter offers foundation year programs, masters programs, and PhDs by research.

Queen Mary University of London is another top school for Aeronautical Engineering. It is a research-focused institution that is consistently ranked among the top 40 UK universities. It offers several aeronautical engineering programs, including an optional year in industry or study abroad. Students can benefit from the university’s strategic location and convenient connections to the rest of the country and Europe. There is also a strong community of students, which is conducive to a successful education.

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