Men’s Summer Accessory Essential: Don’t Miss the Boat

Today we live in an era that is dominated by a demand for smart technology and the latest gadgets or gismo’s. The way the younger generation look at time management has evolved, taking a more modernised approach as now they are looking to use their watches as a phone or even a fitness tracker. As a consequence of this change however, it has unpredictably had a beneficial effect on the appreciation for genuine, more traditional men’s watches.
Now, watchmakers are going head to head with the likes of Apple, working to highlight the beauty of true craftsmanship, apposed to electronics and technology. Emphasis is being put on being a man rather than a ‘boy with a toy’ and it’s really working wonders. You could read hundreds of blog extracts on the summer accessory being the new iWatch, but this is not one of them. We thought we’d open you up to something a bit more traditional that stands out in a time when smart tech is spamming the wrists of the country. This brings us to U-Boat…
U-Boat are a superb example of how timepieces have profited from the technological takeover. People adore the care that goes into each design and with Swiss movement, a rich history of proven quality and the highest, Italian craftsmanship, it isn’t a surprise that this is one of the hottest pieces this summer. Their classically designed watches appeal to those with a sense of style. They create timepieces that go beyond trends to create authentic products that stand out from the crowd. The ability that this brand has to combine contrasting materials is a thing of beauty and they continuously create stunning and luxurious timepieces for the masses, year after year.
These watches don’t monitor your heart rate or read your emails but what it does do, is gives you a fashionable watch that is innovative in it’s design. If you want to invest in a watch that will stand the test of time, then why not consider this U-Boat Classico 7121 this summer. Perfectly paired with sapphire crystal glass, an ivory dial and luxurious leather strap, this is a widely respected addition. The watch marries a traditional aesthetic with contemporary elements and as every U-Boat watch tells its own story, this one is certainly no different. The high-end encapsulating piece offers a striking appearance that will capture the gaze of many during those fun, warm weathered days and nights ahead.
In times where trends are taking over, escape the clutches of societies accepted moves. It’s 2016 and it is about flaunting your personality and individualism. Get away from what’s popular in the short term and create your own identity. This U-Boat watch is the perfect way of stamping your authority in a timeless and stylish way, all whilst not conforming to a what everyone else is doing.
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