4 River Cruises You Have To Sail On In Goa

The Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) has coordinated several cruises that sail on the Mandovi River during the day, sunset and night. Besides these, there are many private tour companies that run given cruises, including dolphin spotting and wonderful views of the setting sun. With DJ, live dance and music performances, combined with the relaxing sound of the water, Goan cruises are undoubtedly not to be missed. Check for Delhi to Goa flights ticket price to reach your destination.

Dinner Cruise – One of the popular river cruises on Mandovi river, the Dinner Cruise starts from Santa Monica jetty at around 8:30 pm. The cruise runs for two hours along the Mandovi River and passes few magnificent colonial houses, beautiful palm fringed promenades decorated with colourful lights, and the famous Miramar Beach and finally end its journey at the shoreline of Betim and Verem, on the northern bank of the river. The cruise is packed with tonnes of amusements like the folk dance performances, live music and an awesome DJ playing the most recent beats. Refreshments and buffet dinner are served with a delightful assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on board. Check for Mumbai, Kolkata or Delhi to Goa flights ticket price if you want to spend a fantastic time with your friends and family.

Sunset Cruise – Perfect for women and men of all ages, Sunset cruise is one of the most famous cruises in Goa. This hour long cruise is organised by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC). It is quite a famous river cruise in Goa and starts from Santa Monica jetty, sailing past the attractively adorned palms and popular historical garrisons and other historical buildings like the stunning Adil Shah Palace. If you want to capture a stunning view of a Goan sunset, then this is just the perfect cruise you need to get on. While you sail down the Mandovi River, you can enjoy the local Goan folk dance performances like Delhi and Fugdi along with DJ and live musicians.

Backwater Cruise – This popular river cruise which sails along the Mandovi Rivers’ mangrove lined banks, Chorao, Divar Island and Old Goa. The whole journey of the cruise is a trip back into time where life was uncomplicated and beautiful. Miles and miles of abundant greenery filled with mangroves. One might even see a crocodile sunbathing along the river. As you move upriver, one can view fishermen and porters unloading the containers and boxes filled with fishes and other goods. The cruise is in fact one of the best ways to take a closer look at the village life of Goa.

Moonlight Cruise – Another fantastic river cruise best suited for couples, it sails at night under the moonlit sky. The whole setting is so romantic, that you cannot wait to take your spouse out. While sailing through the river you can see the pitch black silhouettes of places like Aguada Fort, Cabo Raj Bhavan and Reis Magos Church. Imagine you and your beloved sitting in a peaceful and romantic ambience with the star-studded sky and moonlit night. This will surely transport you to a wonderland, which is steeped in beauty and romance. It is the best cruise for couples.
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