Kitchen Design Hacks: 5 Things every home needs today

Who doesn’t love a beautiful kitchen? Whether it’s a house, apartment, unit or tiny home kitchen renovations can be stressful and costly. But they don’t have to be. Today we explore what you need to know when you’re building the perfect kitchen to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Read below for 5 things that every kitchen needs today.


Whether you’re into cordon blue cooking or prefer quick and easy meal options, every kitchen needs to have a space to prepare food. High end kitchens might enjoy options such as cooking zones where a dedicated space for each task in the meal preparation cycle is performed, or perhaps a separate butler’s pantry to deal with clutters and appliances that you’ll use over the course of the day.

Many modern family homes favour substantial island benches which provide space to prepare, clean and entertain as well as storage cupboards underneath of bench seating on the opposite side. Even if you’re in a small space, including a space for plating up or serving will save on juggling dirty prep bowls and boards in order to get that delicious meal on your plate! When you’re designing the preparation area, consider where the sink is in relation to your surfaces to prevent too many trips across the kitchen to wash, strain and clean up.


In addition to having the proper space to prepare you food, you obviously need somewhere to cook it. There are two primary cooking appliances that kitchens of today continue to use. Your stove, cooktop, or cooker, depending on where you are in the world is the first of these cooking appliances. Whether you opt for gas, electric or induction, we are fans of cooktops that are energy efficient and low maintenance. Even if you spend slightly more to get a better quality cooktop, the time and energy you save each day justifies the cost. Most commonly available in 600mm and also 900mm

Ovens are another must have appliance. If you have the budget, many people prefer to wall mount two ovens side-by-side to save on energy whilst having the extra space for bulk cooking. While traditional ovens continue to be high sellers, pyrolytic self-cleaning, steam, combination convection microwaves are gaining in popularity due to their versatility.


The other side aspect of a truly dream kitchen is one that is low maintenance so you can spend more time living rather than cleaning. The ease of cleaning is often neglected in the kitchen design process yet is vital to a functional and enjoyable cooking experience. Dishwashers are time saving and the best way to get hygienic dishes – consider where it will be mounted higher for ease of access on to the ground. You can also choose between freestanding or integrated dishwashers which will have a lower profile. Don’t forget to consider sink placement and waste disposal to make cleaning fast and efficient – ideally they should be close enough to each to be convenient.


Once upon a time, your kitchen was lit by a small centre lightbulb, or perhaps even less flattering, old school fluorescents. Today, not many wood fire stoves remain to provide a cosy kitchen ambience, so you’ll need to create your own. The latest gen downlights are low maintenance and last. They can be wired in zones so you don’t have to set the entire kitchen alight at 2am when you just want to a dim profile. Don’t forget your kitchen space should ideally maximise natural light so factor that into lighting consultations that you attend.

Consider under cabinet lights and wall or baseboard lighting so you can change the lighting mood from different angles to suit your mood.


The final thing to consider when designing your custom or flat pack kitchen is the social. Most kitchens today include space to consume meals with at least four people. Whether it’s open plan living or a breakfast nook in a separate kitchen, kitchens are the heart of the home and should be built for entertaining. Consider sight lines and what direction the person cooking will be facing if you want a more interactive kitchen space – no one likes talking to the chef’s back! Additional countertops or extendable dining tables also come in handy for homework, the groceries or space for drinks and nibbles when you are entertaining.

Now that you know the top 5 things to consider when renovating your kitchen, get out  there and contact your kitchen company today for an initial consultation to see how your next kitchen can be brought to life!

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