The 3 Most Common Kitchen Design Mistakes

kitchen design
If you’re like most homeowners, it’s likely that the kitchen is the most used room in your home. Because of this, it’s also the most popular room to renovate and invest in. Not only will a remodel boost your home’s value, but it will also improve your quality of life as well. However, when planning a kitchen remodel, it’s important that you don’t neglect function as part of the design process. In this article, we have explained some of the most common kitchen design mistakes so that you know what to avoid.

1. Neglecting Storage
Storage is incredibly important in a kitchen design, especially if you’re the type of home cook who loves their gadgets. While some items can be left out on countertops, you’re going to need enough space for all of your kitchen essentials, as well as food – unless you build a pantry into the design. When planning your kitchen remodel, think about everything you need space for and how much room you have available. You can maximize the space in a small kitchen by adding storage to the walls and above the refrigerator if required.

2. Cutting Corners
According to ACME Home Interiors – Kitchen Remodeling, many homeowners begin to think about the ways they can cut corners in order to still achieve what they want but at a lower price point. Unfortunately, while it may seem like a good idea at the time, this will usually end in disaster, and you’ll either need to fork up the cash to fix any mistakes, or risk ending up with a kitchen that isn’t like how you’d imagined. Having enough money available to purchase your ideal lighting, cabinets, countertops and flooring is key to creating the perfect kitchen. If you can’t afford to pay for everything now, you can either save for longer, take out a loan, or come up with a financial plan with your remodel company.

3. Ignoring the Importance of Lighting
The lighting you choose for your kitchen is extremely important, not only for the design but also for safety. You need to consider three different types of lighting for your space – general, task, and accent. General lighting is what will provide the majority of the illumination in your kitchen; task lighting usually includes track lights or pendants and is placed above any areas where you will prep and cook; and accent lighting is often included inside cabinets and other areas that don’t need to be as bright but can be left on to fit the mood. Failing to focus on this could leave you with an unsafe space to cook and prepare food, and, if you eat in your kitchen, it could give off the wrong vibe.

While selecting the colors of your kitchen and purchasing new home goods is definitely exciting, it makes sense to pay attention to the more functional details of your design. Keep the above advice in mind and don’t be afraid to seek a professional opinion.
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