Top 11 Camping Spots in Australia

If you are a camping enthusiast, chances are you already have your favorite little spot to pitch a tent. But, if you are planning about camping in Australia, and don’t know which spot to choose, you have come to the right place.

Below are the top 11 camping spots to consider in Australia


Located in Western Australia, Kalbarri is a must-visit national park when you are on the west coast of Australia. There are scenic hikes, beautiful red and white rock formations, and much more! If you are lucky enough, you will also find wildflowers in full bloom, which create a magical pop of colors in the national park.


Blue Mountains

The Ingar campground, located two hours from Sydney in the Blue Mountains, is among the best camping spots in Australia. This camping site is free on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are planning to visit there during the winter months, make sure to dress warmly.

Inskip Point

Another famous camping site on the list is Inskip Point camping. This site is known for being the gateway to Fraser Island. There are four main beach campgrounds in the area that provide the visitors with several options, including swimming, fishing, beach diving, boating, etc. Consider this camping site to make your next camp a memorable one.

Jervis Bay

If you love white sandy beaches, this camping site should be on your bucket list. The clearest waters in the Jervis Bay (then Booderee National Park) will make you go wow! Whether you visit there in the summer months or winter months, the amazing sunny days and beautiful views of humpback whales will amaze you.


It is a small town located on the southern coast of Western Australia. This is what will make your camping special in Australia. Pick the right gear from Bright Camping and plan your next camping trip there. The white sandy beaches and sparkling waters surrounded by stunning coastal views and bushwalks make this camping site even more special. Head to the Lucky Bay, just 40 minutes from Esperance, which is another spot to pitch your tent.

Bright Camping

Flinders Ranges

Looking for an outback experience? If yes, then look no further. Just a five-hour drive from Adelaide in South Australia, you can grab a site at Wilpena Campground and explore the landscape. For the best camping experience, prefer traveling in the winters as summers are quite hot there.

Grampians National Park

Located off the coast of the Great Ocean Road, Grampians National Park provides the visitors with stunning mountain views, nature views, etc., to explore everything the place has to offer. In addition, there are overnight hikes to take you to some of the most spectacular camping places in Australia.

spectacular camping place

Emu Lake Campground

Emu Lake Campground is a dusty but charming camping site near Broken Hill. Some of the best facilities there include barbecue pits, drop toilets, picnic tables, and more! Plus, you will also get an opportunity to explore Kinchega Park or visit the nearby woolshed, bird sanctuary, and the stunning sunset.

Margaret River

This camping site has everything you can imagine for a perfect camping experience. World’s renowned surfing options, cafes, wineries, amazing beaches, and what not! Just a three-hour drive from Perth will take you to this area where you can choose from a ton of campsites.

Milla Milla

If you have ever been to Australia, you probably already know about the Milla Milla falls. This camping site is no less than a paradise, surrounded by lush green landscape and mountain peaks. It is another great camping site in Australia to consider.

great camping site in Australia

North West Island

This beautiful island is a coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef, which is the lesser-known spot near Lady Elliot and Heron Island. It is truly a paradise where you can plan your next camp. You will also get a chance to snorkel, hike, fish, or birdwatch.

These are some of the camping sites in Australia you can consider. Choose any one of these for the next adventurous camping experience.

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