Introducing Summer Trends 2014

Intruduce The Summer
Summer is upon us all again and we have many reasons to celebrate. The dreary winter is no longer with us, those cool summer nights are just over the horizon, and the winter clothes aren’t piling on top of us like they use to. While everyone is excited about summer (and believe me, I am!), there are certain essentials women should know about when you want to make a splash. It may be summer, but that doesn’t mean you have to be almost naked to look comfortable. You can turn summer fashion from too “showy “to show stopper in no time!
How to wear?
First, we’re starting off with wearing breathable materials. It allows you to move around more and feel comfortable wherever you go. Some examples would include cut-out dresses and tops. I see young girls and women wearing these kinds of looks every day and they’re great when you want to show skin but still leave something to the imagination when you go out with your friends. My recommendation for pulling off the “cut out look” is going with simple with black and white. Black and white never goes out of style and during the summer, it’s no exception. It screams classic, modern, cool, and daring at any age. Demin is also becoming really popular this summer for crop pants and shirts. They’re cool because the look can be laid back for a special event or spending time with your friends. Another example of breathable clothing is linen shirts. They are perfect for hot weather when you need to look professional and still feel comfortable all day long.
Summer Trends
Graphic, animal, and Aztec prints are making their way back into our closet again this summer. They’re creative, funky, and leave the person looking fabulous wherever they go! One reason why I love printed materials is because it’s a statement piece that can also be your security item when nothing else in your closet will do. Also, colors such as pink, turquoise, coral, rusty red, beige are some of the more standard colors I’ve seen women wearing around this summer. It is summer after all, so I’m recommending going out and finding a cute skirt that displays your legs but also settles around your waist line. While a skirt is adorable, it can also give you unwanted attention when situations such as the wind blowing or dropping something and bending over to get it. Any skirt should be an appropriate length on a woman, no matter what age or where you come from. One outfit that I am obsessed with for this summer is a tucked-in shirt and shorts. It’s a great summer outfit, whether you’re in the work place or going out to dinner, it can dress for both formal and casual wear with the right accessories. Speaking of accessories, I would recommend wedges, feminine sandals, over-sized tote bags, long necklaces, and summer coats such as light weight trench coats.
Elizabeth L. – UK based professional fashion magazine writer, she loves to follow new trends in asian fashion houses.
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