How To Open Up Your Small Bathroom Space

When it comes to having a small bathroom space, a variety of things can make the space more enjoyable. If you finding yourself having a hard time moving around or you are bumping into your family members as you fight over the counter or sink, it may be time to look for ways to create adequate space for you and your family. The good news is that it may be easier to do this than you realize. With a few helpful tips and tools, you’ll quickly find that even that tiny bathroom you have to share with the whole house can be enjoyable.
Start with Mirrors
In some situations, the cramped feel of the bathroom is the biggest problem. On the other hand, if you are selling a home, you’ll want to make sure the space looks as large as possible. One surefire way to do this is to add bathroom mirrors to the room. Mirrors create the illusion of added space. It may help you to reduce that claustrophobic feel you have when you are in the bathroom too. In all cases, a few well placed mirrors, such as on an open wall space, the back of the door, or over the sink, really can make even the smallest basement look larger. Mirrors are not only great forgiving the appearance of a larger room, but they are practical as well.
Shower Curtains
One of the biggest problems with small spaces has to do with the shower curtain. If you have solid colored bathroom shower curtains, you are creating a wall-like feel within the room. That makes a small space look even smaller. On the other hand, some curtains can help to open up the space better. For example, you can easily place brightly colored or light patterns in the space to make the room look larger. You may want a playful palm tree shower curtain or one with polka dots, to give your bathroom personality. Shower curtains can still be stylish, but choosing clear ones can help a space look larger.
Storage Is the Way to Go
A sure way to make a small bathroom look even smaller is having an abundance clutter laying around. You’ll find that it is easier than you think even if you do not have a lot of cabinet space, to store and hide some of this clutter. First, choose storage that hangs on the walls. A medicine cabinet is one option. Store small items there. Then, consider additional storage options for other walls, such as an over-the-toilet bookshelf or cabinet. You can also find corner cabinets that can tuck into small corners. There are also over the door racks that provide shelving or places to hang towels.
Aside from these tips, there are a few other ways to add some style and space to any small bathroom. For example, use bright lighting in the room. If you have a window in the space, keep the coverings light. This allows natural light to easily enter the space and open it up. You’ll also want to use lighter colors in carpeting and other materials.
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