How to Look Thinner On Your D- Day

No woman wants to look fat and unattractive on her wedding day. It is natural for every bride to want to look her best on wedding day but she has so many things to do that it becomes very difficult for her to follow the workout regimen. But certain shortcuts can be followed for looking trim in wedding dress even without going to gym regularly or resorting to strict dieting. Here are some simple yet effective tricks to camouflage the extra fat and make you appear thinner than you are.

Choose a Dress that Flatters Your Figure
Your selected dress should be such that hat it fits you well and also shows off the best assets and also camouflage not so fabulous spots. Those wanting to hide hips should go for strapless full-skirted style or empire waist gown. The corseted ball gown would be most suitable for showing off bust, hide thighs and hips and whittle the waist. You could try mermaid-style leg gown for showing off or creating some curves. A-line silhouette fitting at bust and waist and skirt which flare out from hips will suit most of the brides.

Get Good Support System
It is essential to have well fitting undergarments for sleek silhouette. Create right amount of the cleavage for avoiding dreaded bra bulge. It would be better to get professional bra fitting for ensuring that you wear right size of bra which you can get using Zivame coupons. After checking policy of the store, buy few bras to try at home with the gown and select those fitting perfectly. The remaining ones can be returned to store. In case a lower part of gown is fitted, go for good shape wear. Spanx’s shape wear are recommended as these are available in lots of styles and colors and are breathable and light weight. These are also available in various materials. So find the garment which will not cling to the fabric of garment.

Maintain proper posture
Proper posture is essential for improving your looks. Few tips will help in keeping you upright and look svelte. Keep shoulders back. If these are slouching forward, slug these forward few times towards the ears for loosening up yourself and shift the shoulders back. Try to keep the back straight.

Wear high heels
Easiest way of gaining height and looking slimmer is to wear heels. Put on pair of heels of two inches and you will appear to have gained height and heels also trick eyes to reapportioning the weight over taller frame. You may get some attractive pair of heels using coupons from SaveMyPocket. Try to skip spindly stilettos and go for wedge heel but should be of three inches.

Strike the Right Pose
Ensure that you look pretty in photographs as this is how you will remember your wedding day in future. Keep body slightly turned, shoulders back and push chin forward. The best way would be to tilt shoulders towards photographer having hips at an angle. This will make your hips and waist appear narrower immediately.

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