15 Things Every World Class Meeting Room Will Have

Modern meeting rooms today are far from the ones our parents sat in. Two decades ago, overhead projector or a manual pull down screen was the most ‘high-tech’ a meeting room could get, but not anymore! Meeting rooms today are equipped with state of the art technology providing ease of communication and increased organization during meetings.
Below is a list of 15 must-have items for a world class meeting room:
1. Smart Board – This is a combination of a whiteboard, computer and a projection screen. Equipped with multi-touch technology, it allows multiple people to manipulate and write on the board. It can be linked to multiple computers and printers as well.
2. Speakerphone – This is essential for making telephone calls during the meeting enabling all participants to be a part of the conversation. A speakerphone delivers exceptionally good voice quality, making conference calls seem natural. As a result, this increases over all meeting productivity.
3. Digital Visual Presenters – These are latest breed of overhead projectors. They use a video camera to project documents and 3D objects on a screen.
4. Video-Conferencing System – You no longer have to fly around the world to attend meetings which can now be conducted via these communication devices. Latest video conferencing systems not only allow real time audio/video chat but now you can also share presentations, documents, or any content on your laptop/computer.
5. Power Sources – operational and backup power source should be available in the meeting room.
6. Remote Controlled Light Management Systems – These systems provide convenience of single touch to adjust meeting room lighting depending on the need of the moment letting you focus more on the meeting agenda rather than technology. The lights should be placed ensuring a comfortable eye level. It is necessary to maintain a lively environment in the meeting room such that the room is neither too dark nor too bright as to cause distraction and discomfort.
7. Hi fidelity Speakers – These are a must for exceptional sound during your meetings. They fit on the ceiling delivering high-quality sound experience for speech reinforcement.
8. Microphones – Depending on the number of participants and length of the conference table, microphones should be placed and connected to the meeting room sound system.
9. Digital Audio-Video Recording – It is essential to record the meeting session for later use.
10. High-Speed Internet Access – A dedicated internet connection should be available in addition to Wi-Fi connectivity for all meeting participants. Before the meeting begins, you can post the guest Wi-Fi network name and password at a visible location in the meeting room.
11. Conference Table – This should have HDMI, data cable, and USB hookups in addition to comfortable chairs to infuse your meetings with energy and inspiration.
12. Stationery – Notepads, pencils, pens, staplers, folders, tool kits, and safety kit are few must have stationery items for meeting rooms.
13. Refreshments – Tea/coffee/water dispenser with disposable glasses along with napkins are also an important must have.
14. Photos – Photographs related to your presentation/meeting or business accomplishments give the meeting room a personal touch helping the attendees to remember the meeting.
15. HVAC – Undoubtedly, it is essential to maintain a comfortable temperature and environment during the meeting.
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