How to Choose the Right Futon cover?

Futon has high importance in Japanese routine as it not only provides a platform for sleeping but also offers significant health benefits. Futon bed is incomplete without other elements associated in making a futon bed. One important factor of the futon set is a futon cover, without which the futon mattress does not have an appeal.
Futon mattress has become a part of the American society and now, you can find futons and futon covers in various styles and sizes. Traditional Japanese futon covers were made of 100% cotton which adjusted perfectly to their climate.
According to a famous myth, authentic futon covers should be made of 100% cotton. Well, just as we mentioned above, futon covers should be chosen according to your climate conditions. Most of the futon covers used and made in America are a mixture of cotton and polyester, which works fine for them-providing organic and raw feel of cotton, and offering durability and strength of polyester fiber at the same time.
You have many fabric choices to consider but do remember to take your location into consideration and select accordingly. When you order from an online futon store, confirm the reliability and authenticity of the store before purchasing the product. Some of the 100% cotton futon covers available online is thin, can shrink easily, and can even fade out on colors. Try visiting futon beds from Japan for handmade authentic Japanese futons and futon sets.
You can both keep your futon set very traditional like Japanese and choose the same futon fillings and coverings-with traditional Japanese styles, colors and design schemes, or you can pick the east-west fused western appeal. The western style futon covers are available in denim fabric, leather futon covers such as suede, as well as high synthetic materials.

Here’s our Futon Cover guide to help you choose your futon cover:

Which Fabric is best for your Futon Cover?

Whether you choose the contemporary style, southwestern style, floral print, or a leather covering-pay more attention to the futon mattress than it’s covering. If your futon is of good quality, even a simple cover would complete the comfort of a futon. The property of a futon cover simply means; perfectly fit on your futon mattress, has to be strong, and should be able to bear the high traffic environment.

Stick to two rules: How does the covering feel? And how easily can it be cleaned and maintained?

The material that meets standards of quality, durability, and resistance to frequent usage should be a perfect choice.

Futon Covers For Families with Kids and Pets

The most frequent question asked and inquired of is “which material will be suitable for my futon as I have children and pets?” Numerous inquiries are based on cats and dogs scratching through the cover-simple solution to this involves properly manicuring your pets otherwise no material will be perfect for the selection.
The choice precisely has to fit into either of two questions: How does the cover feel to the touch? How easily can it be cleaned? The first concern is very important whether you have kids or even if the futon is laid out for guest’s including old aged people. So, a futon cover that is vinyl mixed is more suitable for families. This material can easily be wiped and cleaned with paper towels and it is easy to maintain. The second choice is for a futon cover made from Faux Suede and microfibers; the velvety soft feel is a choice of every person.
The high density of suede weaves the appeal of colors, and the luxurious appeal, can simply embellish the simple futon set up. Although, the washing of velvet covers can be hectic and especially when you have pets that shed hair, you will need to do brushing and more.
Tip for Buying the Best Futon Cover: When you purchase the Futon cover from a physically available store or an e-store, check for the “medical grade mattress protector”. This is like a fitted sheet that goes on the futon mattress and is waterproof, dust mite proof, hypoallergenic, and allows ventilation as well as keeping the mattress cool and dry. To protect the futon from accidents and biohazards, a protector can be the best choice.
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