Ways to Enhance the Efficiency of Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling Systems

A ducted gas heater or cooler with efficient performance would consume lesser energy compared to the traditional system. By selecting the best sized ducted gas heating and cooling system, you can easily avoid the unwanted expenses of monthly utility bills. However, before focusing on the different ways to explore the best systems, let’s understand what exactly is a ducted gas system and how does it work.
Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling Systems

What is a Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling System?
A ducted gas heating system, works as a central system that offers effective warming at different rooms of residential or commercial spaces. The ducts are specifically designed for even distribution of temperature, across every nook and corner of the room. The essence of this system is the gas, which is reckoned to be its powerhouse. This is because the gas heats the broiler as a result of which warm air is produced and this air is transferred to different parts via ducts. One of the most common gases that are utilized for this purpose is natural gas.
This was only the heating operation of the system, what about cooling? The ducted gas heating and cooling system work in two ways; first as a heater and second as an air conditioner. For cooling the targeted area, they make use of reverse cycle process, where a heat pump extracts the heat present indoors, and maintains a subtle and comfortable temperature.
Benefits of Reverse Cycle Ducted Gas Systems
One of the most important things about these systems is that the reverse cycle ducted gas systems are energy efficient. This is because they consume only 1/3rd of the average electricity to cool and heat the rooms, in comparison to any other traditional equipment. Moreover, they provide several benefits like:
• Flexible control option, where you have the opportunity to select which area should be cool or warm in particular
• Dehumidify the air, ensuring optimal cooling even during extremely hot and humid summer conditions. 
• They help you in maintaining perfect weather conditions all-year-round, where with just one simple ducted gas heating and cooling system and you are good to go.
How to improve the efficiency of Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling System?
There is not just one, but a plethora of methods that can be implemented to enhance the efficiency of ducted cooling and heating system some of them are:
• Insulation: Almost 60% of your entire cooling and heating can be lost because of absorption by walls and ceilings. In order to avoid this, you need to have a well-equipped insulation that would prevent the transfer of heat or cold, hence reducing energy loss. If there is no sort of insulation in your walls then consider installing them.
• Operate only in required areas: As mentioned before the system can be targeted to a particular area. Therefore, when the focus is on making the ducted gas heating and cooling system efficient, then you can have them only at those areas where they are required the most.
• Draught Proofing: Gaps or cracks that are often seen in windows or doors can be a major reason for energy loss, affecting the performance of the system too. This is why simple changes like having draught excluders under sealing strips, window frames or doors can help you save a lot of energy that you had never expected.
Do remember, choosing an incredible system is not enough, rather the emphasis should be laid on the various precautionary steps that you can take for saving energy and ensuring that the system functions at its best.
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