How to Choose an Ideal Residential School for your Kids?

In the modern educational system, schools have a lot to offer than just education. The best schools focus on improving the personality and inculcating self-discipline and other challenging life skills in students. And, all this is furthered by the best residential schools in India, which groom students in an overall manner. Today, many parents choose to send their children to boarding schools for the quality of education and facilities offered.

Sending the kid to a boarding school is a bigger decision for parents and you need to consider several factors before finalizing. With numerous residential schools across India, it has become really tough for parents to choose the right one easily. And, to make this task easier, here are some important points to consider while choosing the best residential schools:

1. Course curriculum: The most important factor to be considered while choosing a boarding school has to be its core curriculum. The curriculum offered at the best residential schools is comprehensive and exhaustive. Parents must check upon the feasibility of the syllabus to make the right decision. The best schools offer a well-rounded curriculum including several extracurricular activities, language development, and skill development programs.

2. Extracurricular activities: Along with the course curriculum and academic excellence, the schools must also focus on sports, arts, crafts, music, and other activities. This helps in the overall development of students. It is important to check what kind of activities are offered in a school. Your child may have a particular talent and choosing such a school that doesn’t have the facilities to develop their talent should not be considered.

3. School environment: Before finalizing a boarding school, the parents should make a visit to the school once. This is the easiest method to gauge student life at a particular school. Talk to the students, teachers, non-teaching staff, and walk around the campus to get a better understanding of infrastructure and facilities.

4. Faculty: What’s the experience of teaching staff? What are their qualifications? What kind of teaching methodologies are used? These are some of the important questions which a parent must ask before finalizing. Visit the website of the school to get details about the faculty or visit the school personally to have a word with teachers and students studying over there.

5. Class size: How large is the class size? What is the teacher to student ratio? The answers to these questions impact the quality of education offered at the best schools. The top residential schools in India have a smaller class size ensuring a personalized and inclusive learning experience.

6. Boarding staff: Yes, this is the most important factor to consider while sending a kid to the boarding school. As a parent, you need to check out the experience of the housemaster or mistress who will be taking care of your child after school hours.

In the best residential schools in India like Pathways, students get exposure to so many things besides academics. These schools prepare students for a better future by enforcing life skills and a sense of discipline in them. There are so many advantages of sending kids to the residential school and considering the above factors will help you to choose the right one.

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