7 Steps to Choose Best Residential School in Dehradun

Dehradun, the capital of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, has much more than the attractive landscape and tourist destinations. It is blessed with a number of world-class residential schools, which are popular for their quality education and top-notch infrastructure. When it comes to the best boarding schools in India, most of them come from Dehradun.

With a number of international schools claiming to have the best facilities and curriculum, it becomes somehow a challenging task for the parents to find out the best residential school in Dehradun for their children. It is necessary to look into some important things related to the school before you select or make up your mind. Unlike some misconceptions, boarding schools have always been a great place in terms of education and other skills.

Below are some important things that you can check out while selecting a boarding school in Dehradun for your children.

1. Encouraging Environment
A boarding school must have a conducive environment that can encourage your child to develop interpersonal skills. The schools include so many creative activities that push the children to use their full potential, and it makes them learn how to deal with the situations.

2. Student-Friendly Infrastructure
Since almost all residential schools in Dehradun boast of amazing infrastructure, however, you need to make sure your child finds it pleasant and encouraging. There must be excellent boarding facilities in the school so that your child gets homely atmosphere in the school.

3. Amenities for Children
Don’t avoid looking at the amenities offered by the school. Student-friendly amenities add value to the curriculum and help students to the fullest. The required amenities in a boarding school include a high-end classroom, a well-equipped library, a conference room, a high-end science and computer laboratory, and sports activities.

4. Experienced Faculty Members
Now, you need to check if the school has experienced and learned faculty members. The quality of education is all dependent on the teachers, and they must have expertise in unique and innovative teaching skills.

5. Extra-Curricular Activities
Other than the classroom session, it is also necessary to have some extra-curriculum activities so as to help the students in developing their interpersonal skills. Best residential schools in Dehradun include a number of extra-curriculum activities such as singing and dancing competition, drama, sports, and others. It encourages the students to socialize with others. On the other hand, these activities are also helpful in making the students confident. So, the school you choose for your child must have some extra-curricular activities to explore their latent.

6. Check the Affiliation
It is an important thing to check before you select a boarding school. Generally, the boarding schools are affiliated either to CBSE or to ICSE and both are popular for providing a good standard of the curriculum. However, if you want your child to learn in a specific curriculum, then don’t forget to check the affiliation.

7. Fee Structure
Finally, it is the fee structure that also plays an important role in selecting a residential school in Dehradun. Make sure the school you are selecting has a budget-friendly and flexible fee structure.

Following above steps will help you to select the best boarding school for your child in Dehradun.

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