4 Reasons to Use Video for Marketing

video marketing

In a world where every business, including your competition, is online and competing for a piece of the internet traffic and attention of your customer base, standing out is becoming more and more difficult. One way to stand out and make a difference is by incorporating multimedia elements into your web and marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to social media.

Here are four compelling reasons to start adding video production into your business marketing budget.

People Share Video

If you knew that video content gets, according to some sources, about 1200 percent more shares than written content, would you believe it? If you think about your own viewing habits, you’ll probably be quick to realize that you’ll sooner watch a video that’s a few minutes long than spend the same time reading an article about the same subject. That’s where producing video for your marketing content comes in. If you’re looking to incorporate video into your marketing and aren’t sure how, here’s a great place to get started.

Video Is More Personal

Consider that when you watch a video of a product or service being explained to you, you’re forming a far more personal connection with that company or offering. It creates and builds a trust relationship with potential customers, particularly if you’re providing useful information. A web hosting company that creates videos explaining why a particular service or offering is useful is going to build a foundation of trust with their potential customers. The engagement with the content is higher and in studies and surveys, generally people felt more comfortable and confident about spending money with a company when there was video content available.

Visitors Will be on Your Site for Longer

You can easily double the amount of time a visitor spends on your website by creating video content for it. The longer users spend on your website, the more opportunity you have for conversions and sales from those users. Comparing this to a brick and mortar store, the longer a customer is physically in the store, the more chance they’ll see something they like and make a purchase. Video is an excellent and proven way to extend the time your customer spends in your store (or in this virtual scenario, on your website).

Mobile Users Love Video

90% of users of mobile devices watch videos on these mobile devices. That’s a huge percentage of people just waiting to watch your content. As a whole, the idea of watching video, and even advertisements, is much higher on mobile than on any other device. Google reports that users on a smartphone are up to 1.5 times more likely to watch ads on their devices than on TV. Mobile users love video, so incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Video is a daunting medium to get started with, and creating this marketing plan can be challenging to those new to it. The returns and the sales conversions that will come from adding video into your marketing budget, however, make the learning curve and attention to the market more than worthwhile.

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