How to Assess Student’s Performance in Online Classes?

Almost all the world hit by the COVID-19 and this has led to the education sector suffering the most. But thanks to online education it has become easy to carry out the classes in the comfort of home without any hassles. Online portals leave no stone unturned to provide the best learning environment to the students.

With high demand among the students for online education there is has been a great increase in various online education portals. Some of the popular portals are Meritnation, Edubull, Khan Academy, and many more. One is free to select any according to their choice and preference. To know more about the portals and other information it is suggested to visit the website. Once the portal has been selected it better to apply now to the same.

There are numerous benefits of online education which have added to their popularity. These include:

Positive Learning Environment: Students are encouraged to learn and grow. Online portals have a completely positive environment which is highly motivating to the students.

Qualified Teaching Staff: Just like regular school, the teaching staff appointed on the online portal are also highly qualified and have years of teaching experience. This ensures that the topics delivered by the teachers are highly competitive and provide the best of knowledge to the students. Also, all the doubts are cleared by the teachers. To make the topic even stronger notes are also shared by the teachers which are quite helpful and interesting. Additionally, assorted assignments and worksheets are also provided related to the topics taught. These assignments are made with a lot of effort and comprise all the important and expected questions which will prove helpful during the exam time.

Available for all the classes: The best part about online education; they provide classes for pre-primary, primary classes to higher classes making it a boon for everyone. Also, there is availability for free online classes as well. One can enroll for free online classes for classes 5 CBSE which is very effective and interesting as well. Students from all parts of the country can enroll for the same. Apart from providing academic support, these online portals also provide classes for assorted competitive classes as well such as Medical, IIT, SSC, Banks, and many more. Parents are free to apply now and render their children to the best learning environment.

Once the classes have been done perfectly, it is also important to assess whether learning has been done effectively or not and for this various kinds of assessments are taken. These include:

Mock Test: Students are given various mock tests related to the topics which have been covered. This ensures complete understanding and learning of the topics.

Assignments: Various kinds of assignments and worksheets are prepared by qualified teachers covering all the topics. Students have to complete these assignments in the given time.

Oral Tests: Oral Tests can also be taken online by individual students.

So, if you have been searching for free online classes of class 5 then there is nothing to worry about as there is the availability of numerous online portals. Simply visit the website and apply now to the same.

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