4 Calming Trends to Jump onto this Winter

As the seasons change on this most unprecedented and life-changing of years, it’s time to consider how we can best plan and execute our self-care over the colder months of this year. As with all cooler months, we tend to spend a little more time inside and a little less time in our own homes. This is only likely to be exacerbated more by the coronavirus and the fact that our friends and family are isolating. As such, here are four calming trends to think about investing in this winter.

  1. Lighting

It might sound a little basic, but the lighting in your home – especially in the winter months – cannot be overstated as a source of calm and tranquility. Ideally, what you’re attempting to achieve in your home, with variable lighting, is a number of different zones of light. You want bright light to help wake you up in the morning, and low light to set a mood in the evening. You might even want different colored light – in the bathroom and bedroom – to help you relax and kick back with a good book. Think about changing your lighting to make your home environment more relaxing this winter.

  1. Hemp Oil

There are now several use cases for hemp oil, as described by medical journals and hundreds of independent health and wellness blogs. Only recently emerging as a lifestyle product for wellness and self-care, the hemp oil on the market today is regarded as one of the best ways to relax and unwind – with active ingredients that target your stress and enable you to relax while you’re at home in the evenings. There the dozens more uses for hemp oil, all of which you can look up online at the Premier Hemp Company.

  1. Bath Products

Looking to relax in the most luxurious fashion this winter? Then you should look no further than the bath products emerging onto the market in time for the cooler months of 2020. You should consider a bath as one of the sacred parts of your week – a chance to stop the clocks, turn off the phone, and sit back in a timeless sense of security and pleasure for the duration of your time in your bathroom. A litany of bath products can make this even more relaxing, so search for the best ones online to enhance your relaxing bath.

  1. A Good Book

Why not take your relaxation and personal time to the next level by investing in a good book or two to read this winter? With less expectation than ever on us heading out into the cold when he virus is likely to peak, this is the time when we can reclaim our evenings, switch off Netflix, and curl up in an armchair with our very favorite books. Look online to find books that you feel you’ll love this winter, and get stocked up ready to luxuriate in your own company this winter.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t already be planning your self-care and wellbeing for the coming winter – which is why the four ideas above should be considered to get you relaxing in style in the coming months.

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