Top Online Classes, Teaching and Learning Platforms 2021

top and best online teaching learning classes platforms in india
Source: Hindustan Times

Unlike the traditional learning methods where time is measured in the years and months completed, online learning platforms measure time in the number of hours or semesters completed. These also offer self-paced learning which is highly useful for the students and working professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

Online learning has gained momentum in the current COVID-19 driven learning environment where social distance and zero-touch interactions have made the students to turn to online learning platforms in more numbers and frequency than ever before in the history. Here, we have discussed some of India’s and the world’s topmost learning platforms that you can use to upgrade your academic knowledge and skills during the lockdown, and long after that to excel in your career.

Top and  Online Teaching/Learning/Classes Platforms in India

This popular online course marketplace of India and the world has more than 40 million students and 50 thousand instructors. It offers a variety of online learning materials including text, video, PDF documents and interactive live chat with instructors. The online learning platform is geared towards self-paced learning and video courses.

This popular online education platform offers high quality online training courses worldwide. It has partnered with the world-class universities, colleges, institutes and businesses and provides students the opportunity to obtain certifications from the world’s renowned academies. The platform supports on-demand video lectures, community discussion forums, homework exercises and peer-reviewed assignments.

The online learning platform has lessons of 20 minutes to 60 minutes duration that include class projects and videos. SkillShare offers classes in business, lifestyle, technology and creative arts among others.

This online teaching platform is designed to serve the everyday instructor. Teachable provides the instructors solution to upload their learning material and communicate effectively and interactively with the learners in real-time. The platform offers the instructors quizzing, blogging, ecommerce and email marketing tools.

This one of the topmost online learning course provider of India offers highly effective, creative, adaptive and engaging experiences with movie-quality videos for the school students in India. It has created a K-12 learning smartphone app for the benefit of school students. BYJU’s also offers training for success in various competitive exams in India such as IIT-JEE, GRE, CAT, IAS and many more.

Dexler Education
Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, Dexler Education provides customized, industry-based education solutions for corporate learning in various fields such as technology, education, ecosystem and talent management.

Founded in the year 2000, this top excel learning company of India provides SARAS virtual learning environment that comprises of learning management system and assessment management system. ExcelSoft also offers SARAS learning spaces that leverage Web 2.0 technologies to promote informal learning.

This one of the topmost educational companies of India provides online coaching for various competitive exams in India including IIT-JEE, NEET, GMA, Bank Exams and UPSC. Unacademy provides affordable and easy access to quality online learning to the students living in small towns and remote areas.

Edubull, one of the finest and premier e-learning platforms presents numerous opportunities to aspiring students to transform their lives by getting access to the best online learning experience at anytime, anywhere and at any device.

Lectora Inspire
One of the world’s oldest elearning authoring tools, Lectora Inspire allows the instructors to create courses for various contexts such as employee training. Instructors are provided access to advanced graphics and screen template library to help them create custom course content. It also facilitates screen recording, video editing and offers other useful instructor tools such as Snagit, BranchTrack and Comtasia.

COVID-19 has changed the education forever. It has changed the way how education is provided by the teachers and received by the students, with governments mandating online learning for schools, colleges and university students. These online learning platforms will help you stay ahead of the curve and gain a decisive advantage with easy and affordable access to learning material from a distance, without the risk of getting any coronavirus infection.

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