Discover the hidden gems of Central America

Central America is veritably a paradise for tourists with its myriad offerings. With its lush rainforests, unexplored Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife, gorgeous white sand beaches, captivating reefs, volcanoes, hidden waterfalls, jungle adventures, rich history, great weather, delicious food, friendly people and stunning natural beauty, Central America is undoubtedly a dream destination for tourists with varied budget and tastes.

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Central America is home to numerous ruins providing a fascinating glance into its glorious history and heritage, but the Tikal Ruins in Guatemala is simply unmatched. The scale and its grandness are simply incredible. Tikal Ruins date back to 1000 BC, and are one of the oldest and largest of Mayan archaeological sites. By virtue of being the Mayan kingdom capital, Tikal complex comprises about 3000 buildings, most of which are still buried underground. When exploring here you will only see about 30% of the excavated ruins. The Tikal Ruins is an amazing jungle adventure in itself as it is situated deep in the rainforests of Guatemala. Apart from the Mayan ruins, Central America’s cultural hotspot Guatemala also attracts tourists with its colonial architecture, beaches, coral reefs, cloud forests, mountain lakes, active volcanoes and tropical jungles. Book flights to Guatemala City, explore this spectacular destination for beach worshippers, culture seekers, adventurers and tourists seeking a little relaxation.


The diverse wildlife and natural beauty are major attractions for tourists taking flights to Honduras to visit the second-largest country in Central America. Nature lovers visiting here for a vacation will find it great to explore the scenic Caribbean beaches, bird-rich lush jungles and lakes, and the tropical rainforest of La Mosquitia. However, the beautiful Bay Islands is the country’s prized gem. It is a part of the world’s second biggest barrier reef stretching north to Mexico, and attracts snorkelers, divers and tourists in search of a serene, relaxed tropical vibe. Honduras also offers cultural and historical attractions, prominent being the world’s finest Mayan sites of Copán. Adventure lovers visiting Honduras can look forward to swimming with gentle whale sharks, rafting, birding tours and dolphin encounters. A world of wonder is waiting to be discovered in this diverse Central American nation.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s best places attracting millions of tourists every year with its plenty of sunshine, stunning beaches, cloud forests, volcanoes, and other adventure options such as wildlife sightings, rafting, zip lining and waterfall hikes. Moreover, the luxury travelers, bird-watchers, backpackers and surfers will find the country greatly appealing. History and culture buffs will love visiting the best museums and beautiful squares in the country’s capital and busiest city San Jose. However, discover the real treasures by venturing outside the capital in small coastal villages and forests. For a different cultural vibe the Caribbean coast is worth checking out. The myriad offerings in Costa Rica are ready to take you by surprise whenever you come here for a vacation.


Belize, formerly called British Honduras during its colonial days, is filled with natural beauty. Belize is one of the few countries in the world boasting of a rich diversity of ecosystems in such a small area, and has rightly become a top attraction for eco-tourists from around the world. Home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, Belize attracts nature lovers with its dense jungles with jaguars and howler monkeys, coral atolls surrounded by fish-rich reefs, caves, rivers, bonefish flats, palm-fringed beaches, and mountain pine forests. The Great Blue Hole, a UNESCO World Heritage dive site, is also a major attraction for water sports enthusiasts. If you love snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, cave tubing and deep-sea adventures then this tropical paradise is surely the place for you.


The Central American nation of Panama is hugely popular for its world-famous 48-mile-long Panama Canal, efficiently connecting the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Over one million people take flights to Panama City to visit the Panama Canal and see this amazing engineering marvel at work. The Isthmus of Panama is yet another wonderful gift of nature worth checking out, which divided an ocean and joined two continents. When exploring this narrow land bridge you will discover hundreds of bird species and trees. Above all, the rich culture, beautiful landscapes, zip-line tours, white water rafting, bird watching, camping, hiking, diving, snorkeling, surfing, rainforest tours, and endless adventure activities abounds here for tourists.

Whether you are visiting for the first time or a frequent visitor, you are surely in for a treat. With plenty of unique, entertaining and fun things to do, Central America is truly a destination for the adventurous traveler and romantics at heart. It’s no wonder that with its close proximity to the United States, warm weather, and cheaper accommodation, food and transportation, Central America has started attracting tourists in large numbers than ever before.

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