Amazing Tech to Help the Planet

Although there have been concerns over the environment for years, it has only been in the last decade that this has become a very hot topic worldwide. Climate change is a big threat, and increasing concern over how much damage society has had on the planet is driving more people to look at how they can do their bit to make a difference and slow the pace of global warming. There have been some incredible advances in technology that have been designed to help the planet, and below are some excellent examples.

Oil Stop Valves

Water pollution is a big problem, and there has been significant damage to marine life both in the oceans and in rivers and lakes further inland. A lot of this is because power plants and manufacturing factories produce a lot of wastewater that contains a range of contaminants, including oil. Oil stop valves are wonderful pieces of tech that can help to prevent these dangerous substances from reaching freshwater and causing pollution.

Solar Glass

Solar power is one of the greenest energy sources, and more commercial and domestic buildings rely on solar panels to create their energy. However, while solar panels are still fantastic, the invention of solar glass can utilize entire buildings rather than just their roofs. As many modern buildings have a lot of glass to let in more natural light, why not use solar glass panels instead of regular glass? This could help to turn entire skyscrapers into energy generators across the globe.

Plant-based Plastics

Another one of the biggest problems when it comes to pollution is how much plastic is thrown into landfills and ends up in the waterways. As most plastic isn’t biodegradable, it can cause numerous problems such as hurting wildlife if they get caught in it or eat it, and some plastics with coatings such as PVC and Saran can release toxins into the soil and water. This is why plant-based plastics are a wonderful invention, as these are still as durable and strong as regular plastic, but they will biodegrade, making them much better for the planet.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is used throughout all the industries in some form or another. Businesses can use this technology to make products, predict trends, serve customers, automate general business tasks, and much, much more. People use it in their homes to change a song on their playlist, find out general information from search engines, and even control their heating systems. This incredible technology is not only making people’s lives easier, but it can also be used for agricultural purposes, which can result in the reduction of using toxic pesticides and controlling the use of water. The invention of self-drive cars and other vehicles could also help reduce the pollution from traffic because these vehicles will be driven more efficiently.

While some damage cannot be undone, not all hope is lost. By looking at ways to improve the way we treat the planet and taking action to replenish it and reduce our carbon footprint, we could see a positive change that could bring back some balance. By using some of the tech listed above and more, this can be achieved.

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